Saturday, June 19, 2010

Does anybody still read this thing?

Hi, my name is Roxy and i'm a high school graduate.


it's been like a YEAR, literally, since i've posted on this thing. i'm not really sure why. i think i kind of forgot about it, in the haze of my physical therapy and trying to finish school, which was MURDER. oh, yeah. i spent senior year in online school. and holy mother of god, i hated it. i hated every goddamn second of it.

but it's over now, i'm never going to high school ever again, and i have all summer to figure out what to do with my settlement money.

i'm getting paid a whole shitload of money because the accident i had last year wasn't my fault. go me! i can't believe i'm actually HAPPY that i got all crushed up.

at least i didn't die.


cambria and christian are getting married. after they graduate college, that is, but they're engaged right now. they're going to a christian school, naturally. next thing i know, they'll be moving into an amish colony or something.

and jake and i are together.

I KNOW. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, EITHER. i think about it and i almost pass out, sometimes. like, we're not BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND or anything, but it's more of a BFWB sort of a thing. i don't know. it's crazy.

god. i was rereading my old posts and i was just ... it was surreal. i can't believe myself and how everything has changed.

and yes, we totally did it, in case you were wondering. more than once. it's probably going to happen again tonight. and more times on the road trip we're taking this summer. ;)

i'm happy. cambria doesn't really approve, though. she still is all on that waiting until marriage kick thing and is all, OMG SIN!!!!

well, not EXACTLY. but kind of. she should be happy for me, i think. but she doesn't seem to be, so honestly, i don't really care what she thinks.

i swear i'm not one of those girls who is choosing a guy over everyone else in their life. i'm not. i'm still friends with everyone, you know (probably alan especially), but cambria is just making things REALLY FUCKING HARD. (that's what she said. just kidding.) she doesn't have a problem with jake and me being together -- she said she's been waiting for this for years. her problem is that we're SEXUALLY INVOLVED, as she puts it. it seems to me that HER relationship is the dysfunctional one. i mean, she and chris have been together for something like two or three years, and they still haven't done it? and they're getting married in FOUR YEARS and they think they're going to hold out that long?


now i just sound like a slut. but jake was my first time. he said i was his, too, but i have no way of knowing if that's true or not, since guys are traditionally more slutty than girls.

to be honest, i really don't care if i was his first or his third or his tenth. i just ... i like being with him, and i'm happy, and i feel good these days.

so are you guys still around? i'd love to talk to you again. :)


3 lovers & haters:

Helennn Louise said...

I'm still around!

It's fantastic that you're better and well done for passing your school years!

YAY about Jake. That's great and I'm with you, they've got serious willpower if they can last that long without sex! It'll suck if they get married and then realise that they're nothing more than best friends...

I hope you blog more soon :)

natalie said...

I still had you in my blog roll, and when you posted I was like HOLY COW! :)

The car crash sounded absolutely horrific, so I'm SO happy to hear that you're all better now! And woo, congrats on successfully surviving high school :D

That's fantastic about you and Jake! Wooooot! And I give Cambria & Christian credit for waiting until after marriage, I mean, all the more power to them. But that's their choice, and you shouldn't be involved! You should be able to make your own decisions without interference!

ivy said...

wow, you've been through so much. You deserve to be happy.