Friday, July 10, 2009


it's me, baby! i'm back!

god, i can't believe it's been over TWO months since i've posted here. and i've missed it like crazy. you have no idea.

well, obviously cam told you about my little run-in with a brick wall. NOT FUN. i spent eons in the hospital, and then i got to come home, and i'm still having to do some physical therapy. it sucks so much... but at least i'm alive. and i feel so... restless or something. i am going to be 18 after all, this month. so. yay me.

i've missed you guys! thanks so much for the comments. you guys are the greatest and i love you like crazy.

hit me up on aim/msn sometime? roxymotion/

AND now i have a tumblr!

pretty excited.

i'll get to leaving some comments soon. now it's off to bed for me. it's late and i'm tired. posts soon.


8 lovers & haters:

Skippy said...

Sup homegirl?
Long time no post?
I have been missing your blogging like crazy.

Yeah I heard physical therapy is not all. Quite painful, but I wish you luck anyway.

Good to see you're back on your feet and posting again!

Rose Valentine said...

Hey girl! :D I'm so glad you're better.

Tatis said...

Hi! I'm glad to hear you are ok!
I hope your phisical therapy is over soon!

natalie said...

Ah, like everyone else, I'm so happy to hear that you're better! But physical therapy must be pretty suckish... my extremely klutzy friend who has broken 12 bones has to go to physical therapy all the time :P but she said the therapist was hot haha. Maybe yours is too? ;)

Cait said...

Wow..this is some summer you are having. I'm so happy to read you are on the mend.

Helennn Louise said...


Welcome back :)

Just A Girl said...

Rose Valentine said...

Hey. Come bck! :(