Friday, May 15, 2009


This is Cambria. You might have heard about me. :P

Well, I just wanted to tell you all that Roxy got in a car accident a couple weeks ago. that's why she hasn't posted in a while. She's coming home tomorrow. :)

she's been in the hospital since the accident. See, she was driving, and a car swerved over in her lane all of a sudden and sent the car spinning into a light pole, then a concrete wall. she was hurt pretty bad (why she was in the hospital so long). Jake (you probably know about him too) was in the car, too, and since his side didn't hit the pole or wall, he wasn't really hurt. just a few minor (super, super minor, like gone in a few days minor) scratches and bruises. it probably wouldn't have been as bad if the other driver had been in a smaller car. see, Roxy drives this tiny little car (you should have seen it. it used to be so cute, before it got totaled), and the other driver was in this gargantuan SUV. 


anyway, today she mentions her blog and so I told her I'd put up a post for her. I might have to put up a few more because her left hand is broken and her right one is sprained and majorly bruised, and basically unusable. also her left arm and leg are broken in several places. then there were internal injuries, and others, because she hit her head, too.

So, to wrap this up, she's doing better, although she's still pretty bad. but we're all so, so happy she's coming home!!! :D