Friday, April 10, 2009

post #50! dance with me, baby!

Take this survey

What's your favorite color gummy bear?
What is the sexiest part of the opposite sex's body?
um. face. (cliched, i know, but he's got to have an amazing smile)
Have you ever made up/sang a song for someone you cared about?
pahaha. i can't write poetry/songs. but my friends and i have sang to each other as jokes.
Ever had a song sang about/for you?
-thinks- actually, yes. (landon; that "far away" song by nickelback)
Is there a baby in the room with you right now?
pahaha. there isn't even a baby DOLL in this whole house.
Do you know how to dance?
i like to think so. :P
Where do you sing the most, in the car, the shower or other?
i sing. shower. onstage. um. in my room. to my kitkat.
What is your favorite thing that is green?
my limegreen sharpie! lol. um. i have a ring with a green stone in it that i wear a lot.
What did your last text message say?
"that's the shittiest excuse i've ever heard"
Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs?
uhhh. i don't know.
What is your middle name?
it starts with a J and it's five letters long.
What is the way to your heart?
be my friend.
What do you smell like?
well, i guess my shampoo, which has a fruity smell, since i just got out of the shower.
What's in your pocket?
pajama pants are pocketless.
Anything in your mouth?
tongue. teeth. gums.
Ever hurt yourself playing Wii?
pahaha. no.
Do you have freckles?
i have five exactly. two are on my legs, two are on my stomach and one on my arm.
How many languages can you say "Hello" in?
um. hello. hola. howdy. ciao. bonjour. five.
What's the last movie you saw in the theater?
honestly? right now i don't remember.
Ever jumped/fallen/been pushed in a pool with your clothes on?
ohhh yes. good times. :)
Are you wearing any clothes that you wore yesterday?
negative. it's kind of gross to put on what you were wearing BEFORE you took a shower.
Name a song that you know all the words to:
most/all anberlin, fm static, flyleaf, fall out boy, avril lavigne, and green day songs
Are you in love with someone right now?
pahaha. um. no.
What's the last thing you watched on TV?
an at&t commercial
What's the last video game you played?
guitar hero
Who is your daddy and what does he do?
my daddy is my father. he's partially responsible for me being here. he works a job most of the time
Can you do the alphabet in sign language?
i can.
Do you have an unkle named Joe?
"unkle," you say? i don't have such a thing. as for unCles, no, i don't.
What word do you use when people pass gas?
"awwwww shiiiiiiiiiiit" ... pahaha
Do you wear glasses?
What can you hear right now?
commercial on the radio
Did you feel better or worse or the same yesterday?
right now i'm a freakin' zombie.
Ever been overseas?
sort of.
What are your plans for today?
saturday... sleep in, baby.
How long have you had MySpace?
a while.
What was your favorite childhood show?
bill nye the science guy
Are you close to your siblings?
i'm closer to my brother than i am to my sister
What was your first job?
first job? president of the roxy lemonade company.
Do you bite your nails?
when they break
Do you like your feet?
super gay, fetishy freakish question. i don't know. i suppose. feet are feet are feet.
Do you sleep well at night?
more or less.

4 lovers & haters:

They Just Call Her Helen said...

ooh, interesting questions. Feel like we know more about you :)

Hannah said...

Neat questions :D

I love reading things like this!


N a t a l i e. said...

Yay, I love doing survey thingies like that. Even though they're completely pointless, they're just fun to do [: Thats cool that you can do the alphabet in sign language! And funny about the "unkle" thing haha ;D

Hope you have a good weekend!

cady x said...


I also loved Land Before Time as a kid. I hated the fact that my parents would fast forward on the evolution part. Because, you know, that might damage my impressionable little mind or something. Whoa. Lulz.