Monday, April 6, 2009

normally, i'd write this post later on, but there's nothing else to do, so why not?

got back from the hill about five minutes ago. 

jake roxy is extremely protective of his little kitty tail. he'll be all happy and purring and such, just sitting there, but if you touch his tail (i mean touch with your finger, not pull or anything), he'll hiss at you.


and then he might shake his paw at me, depending on his mood. 

anyways. my "date" with landon. it wasn't really a date; it was simply two friends going out to chat and catch up on old times and .... nobody wants to hear that bullshit. okay. well, actually we wound up making out for a while and then we did it in the backseat of his car and now i think i might be pregnant and ... oh, wait, none of that is true.


well, i got there first, but he wasn't there, so i went in the bathroom and made sure my hair looked okay. (which it did. saturday was an awesome hair day.) when i came out, he was there, looking at a coffee display. 

he looks pretty much the same as he used to, except he might be a little bit taller. he's definitely more muscular, and i don't know what happened to his eyes, but... wow. i definitely don't remember them being that blue. or, well, piercing. 

i remember he's always had a gorgeous smile. i mean, he still does have that, but his eyes are freakin' hypnotic now. 

i'll just be succinct and say he got hotter, somehow.

but that sounds too crass. 


"roxy?" he says, like he's not sure who i am.

"hi," i say.

he smiles. "you look great."

"you do too."

LIE LIE LIE. he looks amazing. 

so, then we walk up to the counter, and order our drinks and take them over to this little table in the corner by a big window. 

he said he wasn't sure i'd show.

i asked him why. i mean, seriously. i was the one who called HIM. why wouldn't i show?

or is that code for "i was kind of hoping you wouldn't show so i could get my decaf mango/papaya/banana/vanilla/caramel/cinnamon mocha with skim milk, hold the whipped cream, with a cherry on top and go home in peace"? 

(i don't know if such an atrocious drink really exists. but i swear, it took the guy in front of us a full minute to describe what he wanted. at least.)

he said he didn't know. then he's like, "blah blah, it's been a while, why did you call, blah blah"

(okay, so he wasn't THAT blase about it. or even rude.)

i said he'd just popped into my head (i conveniently left out the part about wc's tag, and my blog... god only knows, he might try to read it or something. not that i care.)

i asked him why we'd broken up... i honestly can't remember, really. he said he doesn't remember either. he also asked me if i'd been dating anyone. i said no. which is true, really,  but he doesn't have to know about all of my little crushes and such. he had one girlfriend, named either alexandra or alexandria. not sure which. i think i might actually know his girlfriend... unless i'm thinking of the wrong alexandr[i]a, because i sure as hell haven't seen landon ANYWHERE since we broke up. 

but he and this alex girl are broken up now.

perfect timing.

not that i'm looking to get back together with him. at least i don't think so. not yet. 

so we talked for a while about random shit and all... then we left. i went home, and alan texted me and suggested we go out to the hill. so we did. we ate big macs (more like big macstake) and talked about nothing. i told him about landon (turns out, he knows landon and thinks he's a good person) and he said to just let whatever happens happen. 

we figured out that we'd met sometime a while ago, when landon and i were dating. just in passing... 

HA. and to think we'd wind up friends all this time later by chance. 

sunday = boring. 

today = equally boring. yay for spring break. the other family are coming here soon and i really, really, really don't want that to happen. ugh. 

because it's not like i can go run off to hang out with my friends. (i don't know what jake's doing, but i know c&c are going off to do something with the church... evangelizing the lost or something. who knows. thankfully, my dad thought it was ridiculous (i'm not sure why he's even going to this church... he and i are basically of the same opinion as far as church goes, more or less) and my mother thought it was unnecessary, and rude, since the dear lord only knows what the family would think of us if i went away while family are here. fuck it. alan's staying here, i know, which is good for me.) my mother would make me take joolz with me. carley and ryan i don't really mind, because they're good people, but joolz... well, i guess she can always babysit mandy. watch me not give a fuck.

shit, this is long... well, i'm going to go... find a snack or something. i wonder if carley still has the pink in her hair. maybe this time we can go get snakebites. pahaha.


5 lovers & haters:

Cait said...

its one of your longest post..ever.

glad you caught up with Landon. good for you.

when you said hill..i thought of smoker's hill by our school. don't all school's have one..hahahahaaa. maybe not.

hope you enjoy your week. make some good memories happen.

Wandering Child said...

I'm not exactly what you call "gifted with words". I can't insult people to save my life and when I don't know what to say I speak in vowels. Plus, when something's wrong my instinct is to pretend nothing's happening.

Lonely Heart said...

Lol! Ok the drink part was hilarious.

Don't you just hate when your ex seems to get hotter? haha
But it sounds like you two had a good time catching up.

N a t a l i e. said...

Awww kitty :D

Hahaha,a decaf mango/papaya/banana/vanilla/caramel/cinnamon mocha with skim milk, hold the whipped cream, with a cherry on top sounds incredibly delicious! :D

Agreed, it does sound like you two were able to catch up nicely. I hope things go well for the rest of your spring break!

ellie said...

Happy Easter! Hope all is good with you and your friends and the kitty too.