Sunday, March 15, 2009

want to be your last first kiss

my previous record was 12 comments on a blog post. that was broken by one comment.


cats are apparently a very comment-inducing topic. especially when you are asking for your readership's help naming said cat. 

which is named like a celebrity baby. you know, since celebrity kids get stuck with, like, twenty names and all of them are weird. 

most of the time.

anyway, on official documents it says the kitty's name is jake roxy, which nobody likes, but it's my cat and i can name him whatever i want. (jake roxy turned out to be a boy, which was a grave disappointment to me.) so, obviously, i call him that. and it's very hard when i'm trying to scold jake roxy for something (like chewing paper and leaving little saliva-drenched shreds all over the place), because i laugh every time i say "jake roxy" out loud. 

my mother calls JR felix, after the iconic black & white cartoon cat. my sister calls him spots (which is a really, really lame name, but at least it's better than her previous suggestions of either nick (for nick jonas) or zac (for zac efron) for a boy, or miley (obvious) or ashley (for ashley tisdale) for a girl). my brother's name for jake roxy changes depending on who he's with (case in point: around my mom he calls JR felix, around me he calls him either jake or roxy, etc.). my father had a good laugh over the whole name fiasco and now refers to jake roxy as "your cat", as in, "roxy, will you please come down here and get your cat? he's chewing my newspaper again."

and my father does not appreciate his copy of the new york times being turned into wet confetti, let me tell you.

fortunately for me, jake roxy doesn't really chew up anything important. he prefers crumpled paper, mostly.

overall, i think JR has been pretty well-received.

there's more i want to write but i'll have to do it after jake (the original one) leaves.


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ellie said...

Usually, everyone in the family has a different name for a cat. At least you didn't ask a 4 year old to name if for you.

My once beloved Simon was dubbed Puddn' nanner by my brother. Yeah, we fights over that. & then the cat ran away.

Well, I'm hoping the best for JR..Jake Roxy. See, you could have a blog just about the cat.

ellie said...

People love pet stories. & lots of cat lovers out there. Take a lot of pictures. My friend's cat has changed so much since he was a kitten. Its funny though, he behaves much better around her boyfriend than her. Cecil is her baby.

Hannah said...

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog :D
I really like yours, too!


N a t a l i e. said...

That's kind of confusing about the cat name! But at least you didn't name it Miley or Nick, haha. ;) When we got a rabbit we couldn't decide what to call it, so we just ended up naming it plain old "Bunny." Good luck with JR!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

I would like to point out your kitten inspired us to go out and get a cat for the HLD flat :)

We're adopting a little black and white one called Sox (we did not name him) and can't wait :D

And thanks for the comment about my latest haircut, makes me feel more confident :)

Let's all worship March '09!!

Alayna Whisper said...

Haha. Nice name. I hate when people name pets or kids after celebrities. Bugs the crap out of me.

aivilo relluf said...

Thank youu:), and they sure are!
Aww, a new kittie? Jake Roxy is a pretty cool name. Cats are awesome and adorable. Hopefully he breaks his chewing habit soon, haha. Have a good one :D

Cait said...

Sounds like he's being a bad boy..Jake Roxy. Its original.

Thanks so much for the note.

Fun update.