Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and I walked right into school and caught you staring at me

i do not like katy perry.

but cambria does. and she's been singing/playing "one of the boys" all day and it's stuck in my head now.

it's not bad. "i kissed a girl" was okay the first few times. after that, it just got annoying, especially with all the media frenzy. 


"hot n cold" was basically the same, without the insane media frenzy ... and "ur so gay" ... well, let's just say that i really hate that song.

moving on.

these past weeks have been ... interesting. 

i really have no idea where the time goes. you look at the clock, it's around eleven a.m. ... you look again and it's five p.m.


katie came to YG, so i finally got to meet her. she turned out to be an eighth-grader. 


she's pretty. blond, blue-eyed. just ... kind of blah. from what i can tell, there's nothing remotely interesting or quirky about her. white bread, cookie-cutter type of person. 

a circle is more edgy.

i like to think i'm more or less an open-minded person. but, really... i mean, katie is twelve. mike is seventeen. and they're dating. it's one of those, "um,  yeah, okay" type of relationships.

and ah... jake and i kissed, for real this time (not my fault, it was all him), and it felt really good but so, so wrong... so wrong. and we had a very long, very awkward conversation and now we're really not speaking to each other.

i mean, we're friendly, on speaking TERMS and such but not really hanging out. 

so. yeah.

last saturday i took a mini road trip with alan and milo over to the next town to visit milo's sister. that was pretty fun.

see, this is why i love alan. he's one of the best people i know, he's nice and funny and caring and nothing is ever complicated with him. i mean, it's like he just GETS everything.

(from what i can tell, milo is pretty much the same way, only he doesn't like anything that alan likes, except football.)

nothing is ever a major issue with between us. it's there, it is what it is, we can talk about it and it's okay, either way, and IT'S REALLY ANNOYING THAT I CAN'T HAVE THAT WITH ANYONE ELSE. 

okay, i didn't realize this was kind of a sore subject with me until i started writing about it. but it's not all bad. except for a few things, this week has been pretty okay. 

in a way, i envy katie. i wish i were back in middle school, when everything was so much less complicated.

i'd love to have a nice long chat with my younger self... you know, give her a few pointers, tell her a few things to avoid... and a few things to do instead. 

like, maybe i should have started this blog sooner, and i definitely shouldn't have let cambria try to layer my hair that one time. although, all in all, it really didn't turn out that bad.

r o x y m o t i o n ♥

You Are 16% Spoiled
You are definitely not spoiled. You've worked hard for what you have.
Down to earth and grounded, you don't need a lot to make you happy.

so said the personality test, and personality tests are never wrong!

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Cait said...

You live and learn from friends..they can be the best & the worst. I haven't been hooked on Katy all that much like some of my friends. Not sure what it was I didn't get. I think it was the beat that just didn't get me into her stuff. I've liked some of Kerli, but not all. Perhaps I'm male singer oriented..yet I am still hooked on sufjan stevens & I love the female parts of his music too. I've really be into the sounds lately though.

ellie said...

thanks for the note. So you & Jake kissed & it was wrong. is kind of funny how know, you talk and talk and then you wait til the very end of the night ...for that kiss. Well, I think of sitting in front of my house with this one guy in his car, being numbed by a three hour conversation about himself..and I'm so. "Ok, it was nice..I gotta go.." & wham..thats when the kiss came. Of course, that whole time, I'm pretty sure my grandmother thought we were making out. Which wasn't the case.

Anyway, hopefully, there will be that guy ..and it won't be wrong...some day. But as my Dad said, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Alayna Whisper said...

I only like a select few of Katy's songs...the others are annoying. Bleh, interesting wouldn't even begin to describe my week...haha hope everything works out though with you and Jake.

They Just Call Her Helen said...

How can you say that about Katy Perry!! She's amazing :)

And yeah, movies based on books do normally suck but there are some books I really want to see turned into films such as the Noughts and Crosses quadrilogy by Malorie Blackman. Then I want the Saw films to turn into books :)

And yeah, lets thank him for that :)

N a t a l i e. said...

Katy Perry is a horrible singer live. They just computerize her voice to sound all perdy :P I admit that I do enjoy listening to Hot n' Cold every so often, but it does get old fast.

I hate how time goes too fast! I just got home and then it's suddenly almost 8?

Whoa... a 12 year old and a 17 year old? That's... odd. Isn't it illegal after he turns 18 though? :P Oh well, whatever floats their boat!

aivilo relluf said...

Hahah, I hate that. The worst is when you think a Monday is a Friday. Now that's just all around depressing :P.
It's annoying when artists get all overrated like her. Hot N' Cold is okay once in awhile, but way too much publicity.
I'm sorry things seem kind of awkward between you and that boy now. Hopefully it all works out for the best. It would be wicked nice to be able to give advice to your younger self.

Nicole Linette said...

Katy Perry is cute and all, but yeah, the constant "Hot and Cold" gets old real quick. 8th gradres with 17 year olds? o.O, err. I mean, it should be okay though if they're both happy. Sorry you and Jake didn't work out, but I hope you can get on speaking terms again.

Woo, I think I want to take that survey :) Have a great week Roxy!


Nicole Linette said...

Wow, I totally forgot to say that I agree with you on how ridiculous it is that time just disappears. I wish I could speak with my younger self toooo! Oh god, I'd probably be better off. Maybe.

Bye :]

Wandering Child said...

I tagged you. I laugh because there's nothing you can do to avoid it.