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okay, so this is my 47th post. which is, i guess, kind of pathetic since i've had this thing for almost a year, in july. 

wandering child is making me do this. um. it's better than other tags i've been forced to do. :P

i was born just after midnight on july 23, 1991, which makes me a leo by only a few minutes. (i'm very proud of being a leo for some reason. don't ask why.) at first, my mom thought her contractions were indigestion, but my dad was freaking out and insisted on taking her to the hospital. turned out, he was right, and i arrived in the big, wide world a couple of hours later.

at age five, i discovered what meat was made of, and i tried vegetarianism. that lasted about three days, when i discovered that the only things i liked eating had meat in them. (for the most part, anyway. you can't live on french fries and cucumber slices.)

at school, i was constantly criticized for being the first one to finish my work (which means i was always the first one out on the playground, bitch) and often accused (wrongly, might i add) of cheating. several teachers thought i was gifted, but this isn't true. i'm fast, not smart. 

i attended only about a month of second grade, due to the fact that i was constantly falling ill or severely injuring myself, so i had to repeat that grade, which was very embarrassing for me at the time, and i often lied about my age. 

we moved around a lot until mom discovered she was pregnant with the twins (they were born not long before i turned nine), and we settled in the town i'm in now, although we have changed houses a few times. i met jake the summer before fourth grade at the girl next door's birthday party. he was really only there because his mom and her mom were close friends. i found the party ridiculously boring (it was supposed to be a fantasy ball theme, and it was stupid), and jake and i wound up bonding over a mutual love of baseball and nickelodeon. it turned out that we were in the same class when school started, so we wound up hanging out together a lot. 

we also went to catholic church (or whatever it's called... mass?) when we lived in jersey, mostly because we lived with my uber-religious great aunt. her house was like a freakin' shrine, and every time the church doors were open, we were there.

at twelve, in sixth grade, we met cambria. she's a year younger than jake and me. when i first met her, i must say, i wasn't exactly impressed. she was very quiet and dressed like the cast of barney and friends. (obviously, i was much, much cooler.) we really didn't hit it off until spring break, when jake went off to wherever he went with his family, and cambria and i were left to entertain ourselves. actually, we probably wouldn't have gotten close if our dads hadn't become friends. her dad would drop cambria off at our house while he and my dad went off to go fishing or whatever. anyway, by the end of sixth grade, jake, cambria and i were inseparable.

in seventh grade, at thirteen, i got my first boyfriend (who has since moved to colorado or someplace), nathan, who gave me my first kiss. i think we were both too immature, since the next day he was dating some other girl (he was very popular in seventh grade, i might add) and i was rigging his locker to spit a million ping pong balls into the hall when he opened it. i can't believe i got away with that. good times.

eighth grade, cambria's dad got married (well, remarried, anyway), jake got his first girlfriend (amid much suspicion that i was his girlfriend... some things never change), and i didn't date anyone, having come to the conclusion that all guys were scum (super long story). jake asked me what he was, chopped liver? i said yes, he was. that was also the year i got my first starring role in the school play. what can i say... participation was low, and so they had to lower their standards considerably. it was either me or the loudmouthed bitch who wound up playing my servant.

ninth grade, freshman year, was actually pretty tame, free from fabled freshman torture. i started dating landon, whom i consider my first REAL boyfriend (nathan was... experimental, i guess). more on him in a moment. jake's girlfriend (i can't remember her name) moved, and they eventually just stopped talking. cambria's stepmother got religion and made cambria get a promise ring, along with making the family start attending church regularly. cambria complained for a while, until she got religion too (or something... she won't say she got saved or whatever), and then she shut up. 

in tenth grade, landon and i broke up very amicably, although i went home and cried myself to sleep two nights in a row. come to think of it, i'm still not sure why we broke up. maybe i should give him a call. i'm pretty sure he's still around. i also tried being a vegetarian again, twice. that lasted all of two weeks, collectively. i also worked on the newspaper, debate team (which they disbanded because no one was really interested in it), ran track and was on drama team. i also spent a lot of time helping cambria with yearbook, although i wasn't yearbook staff. (I HATED YEARBOOK.) i also met jade that year.

right now, i'm seventeen, a junior, and an extremely sporadic blogger. this past year has been more or less recorded here, so i'm not going to reiterate it entirely. i had a very interesting summer with some extended family, jake dated a girl named kira (very seriously, might i add), cambria started dating a guy named christian, who is also her first boyfriend and fellow promise-ring wearer, and i haven't dated anyone yet. i've become close with alan, who is dating a guy named milo, and jade and i are still friends. i've also started going to cambria's church (TOTALLY not my idea) and youth group, and i'm still in acting and i write an advice column for the school newspaper. that's fun. 

that was more of a rundown of my love life than anything, which is pathetic. 

i'm thinking i might give landon a call, though. or at least try... i mean, why not? i haven't thought about him in FOREVER, until this tag thinger... props to WC.


am i supposed to tag other people? um.

i tag pooks, nicole linette, jemima, alayna whisper, natalie, and rose valentine.

the end of the story.

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Annie said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!

I'm a Leo too, & you have the same birthday as my best friend, which is pretty cool.

nice post!

N a t a l i e. said...

I tried to be a vegetarian countless times too... but it never really worked out. It's just too hard to live without an occasional cheeseburger!

It was great to hear about your life up until now! Now I feel like I know some of the background info about Jake. And don't worry, you're love life isn't pathetic at all, especially compared to mine haha. :P

And thanks for the tag! I'll do it next post. Have a great week (:

aivilo relluf said...

YES, life story post :). This was way interesting to read, especially since I haven't seen much of your blog til lately. All of the things you do sound wicked cool, especially the acting and advice column. I've always wanted to be an editor of one :3. But alas, our school paper is entirely unsuccessful. Good luck with Landon!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

thanks for taking the time to read and it was interesting reading about your life too :)

I'm a proud leo too lol


Alayna Whisper said...

BAHAHAHA well, I don't have a love life, so mine will have to be about um....extremely random things? lol

Kaitlin said...

haha, thanks for commenting.

I wanted to be a vegetarian, too, but I don't eat enough non-meat things.

nice blog. :D