Thursday, February 12, 2009


my current favorite song combination is "upside down" by a*teens and "w.a.m.s." by fall out boy. fun stuff.

j&k are no longer j&k. we're all acting like nothing happened. 

but there is obvious tension... i mean, how could there not be? and then, just when everything is semi-normal for, like, half a second, someone makes some thoughtless remark and BAM! instant tension again.

and then today alan's like, "so, jake, how about going out with roxy?"

i felt my freaking BLOOD freeze. i wanted to strangle alan with the fringe on cambria's stupid jacket (today she was wearing this awful brown leather jacket with fringe all over it... and matching cowboy boots... UGLY BEYOND BELIEF.)... and then jake decides to play along and goes, "sure, rox, how about it?"

(i'm sitting between alan (on my left) and jake (on my right) at the picnic table outside... alan's across from kira, i'm across from christian, and jake's across from cambria...... just so you have a better visual)

and drapes his arm around me like he's serious. but i can see his eyes look sad.

and anyway... so, i completely lost my mind and said:

"what? no. are you gay?"

and everyone laughed like it was funnier than a coach hines skit from madtv (and that shit is HILARIOUS --- i've spent the evening watching it on youtube).

it's really hard to know what the old roxy would have done. i mean, we all know i used to be jealous of j&k's relationship (and that's putting it mildly). 

but i'm reading waaaaay too much into this. IT WAS A JOKE.

grrr. this is so ANNOYING. maybe i do still like jake like that.

so now i'm watching how i met your mother. i've seen every episode of that show twice... now 3 times, i guess. 

UGH. mandy just got out of the shower and now the whole upstairs REEKS of her shower gel. it's amazing that we don't go broke buying her grooming products. she uses like half a bottle of shampoo every time she takes a shower. 

and now the upstairs is going to smell like dead strawberries for the next couple of hours. i just might die.

thank god tomorrow is friday. i have no plans for the weekend or anything, so i guess i'll sleep in or something. 

right now all i have to do is school, and i like having plenty of unstructured time.

everyone said junior year was going to be so hard academically. so far, that isn't true. no harder than sophomore or freshman year, anyway.

also, my earliest posts (like from july) really annoy me. they were so... i don't know. i like to think i've matured since then, but you can never really tell about those sorts of things.


7 lovers & haters:

ellie said...

I think you're matured a lot since then.

Thanks for the note. I'm glad you like my stories. I'm not that great at poetry either..anyway, I'm kind of liking Eric with Olivia...even if he can't understand a word she says when she speaks.

Happy Valentines Day..or anti-valentines day..which we are having at our library Saturday night.

Cait said...

thanks for the note...possibly, some people can relate to Dayton's plight. Maybe not.

Great update. sure you don't want to give Jake a chance..just one date.

I think of the time at Christmas..this guy who had been seeing a friend of mind, but they'd broke up and he looked sort of down. and he says, "Hey, maybe we could go out sometime..."

And all I could come oup with ..was.."Maybe next year..." darn if he didn't call me up on New Years day. We had just one date. It wasn't terrible. Wasn't the best either. But he was cute and it was good to see him smile. He has a nice one.

N a t a l i e. said...

thanks for the comment!

i don't know much about the j&k business, but it sounds frustrating. i hate when just when you think things are going to go alright, everything just falls apart in a second.

hmm... it annoys me when people think that they're being so fashionable when they really just look ridiculous. the fringe-jacket sounds like an example of this :P

i hope that sophmore and junior years at my high school are as easy as freshman year, if so i'll be all set. and i can't even stand to read my earliest blog posts, i sound like a 10 year old.

Wandering Child said...

well thank you, love :D

cady x said...

I only ask my friends if they're gay. And only the ones that I know are straight. LOL.

Nicole Linette said...

Junior year hasn't been ridiculous for me, except for my AP US History class. But maybe that's because the work load is closest to that of a college course. Cool to hear that you're cruising :)

I hope J&K (plus Roxy?) works out, haha. Without misunderstanding and heartache.

peace&love, nicole.

fan fic said...

Thanks for the note..sorry it took so long to get back to you. I know...I should update should you. Whats your fav. song this week?