Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You make breaking hearts look so easy

how sad is it that my first post of 2009 is 20 days into the new year?

sad, roxy, sad.

ANYWHO! I found out that my website,, was in the top 1% of sites the day i made it. WOOT! that's exciting. i should update it more, once i figure it out more. 

anyways.... c&c have promise rings. i guess they're going to get married eventually. or whatever. alan's going out with an art freak (i really don't know what he sees in the guy, personally), and j&k are on the verge of a breakup.

I KNOW! i wanted it to happen for so long so i could have jake... and now... i'm actually SAD about it. 

doesn't it suck when two of your friends are breaking up? (yes, i consider kira a friend now.) then you can't really pick sides like you can if it's just one friend.

i talk to jake. he seems sad.

then i talk to kira. she seems sad.

it's like they don't really WANT me to choose a side, or break up, or anything... and yet they're trying to get me to pick a side during this mess.

stupid, pathetic, idiotic people...

me, i've made peace with being single. i like where i am right now. most of my friends are sane (with a few notable exceptions) and my life is going okay. 

erik and i don't text anymore. i don't know if he's with joolz or what. 

sounds weird, me being all optimistic and all. but it's a good feeling, for once. 

and the weather is so incredibly nice!

i've missed you guys so much!


6 lovers & haters:

Lonely Heart said...

Omg why would they even try to put you in a situation like that? Hopefully things aren't too awkward for you if they break up.

Hmmm I might need you to let me in on the secret of accepting being single. Eventually I'll have to make peace with that to.

Thank you for checking out my blog = ]

Cait said...

Good to hear from you. Well, I think you might be stronger than most in your group. Good you're there to be supportive.

ellie said...

Glad you dated. Thanks for the comment too. Perhaps winter is just getting to never know.

irremediable said...

as if they put you in the middle .

by the way , great blog (:

check out mine sometime !

Wandering Child said...

Thank you. And hey, don't be such a stranger, I've missed you! P.S. I hope everything works out okay.

pookieface=] said...

oooooh jeeze. i accepted being single a long time ago. but now its almost v-day. ooooh i hate that one.

i hope jake and kira dont make things all akward for you... good luck!