Friday, January 30, 2009

when i was feeling down, you'd start to hang around

had avril's "get over it" stuck in my head all day.

i love that song. 

anyhoo. tonight was fun. alan came over tonight and we just sort of hung out for a while. he left not long ago (because of my mom... "hey, kids, it's getting kind of late..."). 

i love late nights.

i also love how my mother is a little weird about alan, you know, hanging out in my room alone and all. she knows he's gay, so she's a little bit more relaxed, but... i mean, she was less concerned about JAKE and he's STRAIGHT. 

geez, mom. you know, sometimes parents are really just not very bright.

-roxy being generous-

OO! I NOW HAVE A TWITTER! you might have noticed this. but. twitter is SO FUN! i'm sort of addicted. i'm not sure what's addicting about posting little clippets about what you're thinking and doing, but it is. and i love it. 

plus my twitter looks remarkably like my blog. i know. i'm just amazing like that. lol.

i think alan and i talked about EVERYTHING under the freaking sun. i feel happy and kind of calm and quiet inside. i think maybe i got some stuff off my chest that i needed to get off, stuff that doesn't come out right on paper and sounds kind of crazy out loud unless you're talking to someone who GETS IT. 

alan and i have really only been friends for a few months. it's crazy, really. but, ah, they say time flies when you're having fun.


7 lovers & haters:

Rose Valentine said...

I love avril!
And that's good that's good that you and Alan are really close.

Gossip said...

Hey! thanks for your comment.

I love posh and fergie's dress too, it is really nice.

I'll post some more of "who wore it best" soon.. keep in touch.


Alayna Whisper said...

I LOVE GET OVER IT! such a freaking awesome song!

aivilo relluf said...

Thanks, I didn't name them :P, but I agree, they're cool. And thanks, I hope something pulls through for our class.
That's good you've got a friend like Alan to chillax with, late nights are the best :). Getting things off your chest makes you feel so much better. Nice blog :D.

N a t a l i e. said...

Haha, mom's can be so overprotective! But it's awesome that you're such close friends with Alan (: It's weird how you can only be friends with someone a few months, but it feels like you've known them all your life. It always feels so great to get stuff of off your chest, it just feels like you can finally breathe again!

Nicole Linette said...

That's really cool about you and your friend Alan. Late nights are the best, being able to connect and lose all sense of time is just a great, great feeling. How ironic that you're mother's concerned about a gay friend X) Hahaa!

peace&love, nicole.

cady x said...

I want an Alan. LOL.