Friday, January 30, 2009

when i was feeling down, you'd start to hang around

had avril's "get over it" stuck in my head all day.

i love that song. 

anyhoo. tonight was fun. alan came over tonight and we just sort of hung out for a while. he left not long ago (because of my mom... "hey, kids, it's getting kind of late..."). 

i love late nights.

i also love how my mother is a little weird about alan, you know, hanging out in my room alone and all. she knows he's gay, so she's a little bit more relaxed, but... i mean, she was less concerned about JAKE and he's STRAIGHT. 

geez, mom. you know, sometimes parents are really just not very bright.

-roxy being generous-

OO! I NOW HAVE A TWITTER! you might have noticed this. but. twitter is SO FUN! i'm sort of addicted. i'm not sure what's addicting about posting little clippets about what you're thinking and doing, but it is. and i love it. 

plus my twitter looks remarkably like my blog. i know. i'm just amazing like that. lol.

i think alan and i talked about EVERYTHING under the freaking sun. i feel happy and kind of calm and quiet inside. i think maybe i got some stuff off my chest that i needed to get off, stuff that doesn't come out right on paper and sounds kind of crazy out loud unless you're talking to someone who GETS IT. 

alan and i have really only been friends for a few months. it's crazy, really. but, ah, they say time flies when you're having fun.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

don't turn around

i hate adverb clauses. 

anyhoo. thanks for the comments, everyone. all i have to say is, it's better to actually BE in the middle than it is to put someone in the middle.

if that makes sense.

i got an a on my last english quiz, despite my hatred of adverb clauses, and i'm pretty freaking happy about that right about now.

c&c and j&k are the same. except i caught christian reading maxim (the one with avril lavigne on the cover) and he begged me not to tell cambria. i just let him sweat. no promises, c, and i can't help it if cambria sometimes reads my blog. 

excuse me while i go hack up a lung laughing.

anywho. other news... i got my revenge... and i didn't have to do anything at all.

the golden girl of the family... the beautiful one... the talented one... the smart one with the hot boyfriend, my cousin joulia...

got herself knocked up.

carley said that this isn't j's first pregnancy scare (more like the third), but this one turned out to be the real deal, so she had to fess up. 

mom was pale when she got off the phone, and i was all, "god, that sucks, what's going to happen to the baby?" 

even though i was laughing on the inside. hard. evilly.

i'm guessing it's erik's baby (which would make that kid a genetic goldmine, i must say), but with joolz you never really know. supposedly joolz has had a nerdy sex partner with acne (says carley).

um. okay. i'm assuming it wasn't rape. you never hear about nerds raping people (i think). so was it some sort of freakish attraction or payment for a favor? 


well, if it was payment for a favor, that would explain joolz's a's in math class. she's even worse at math than i am, and that's saying a lot. 

"joolz, what's 8 times 7?"
"uhh. hold on a sec. god, why do you want to know anyway? get a calculator."

or something like that. but you get the idea.

not long ago i was whining about what a bitch karma is. and now i'm pretty happy. 

funny. i make peace with being single, and i meet a cute guy at youth group (yes, my parents make me go to youth group now, which sucks) who is, um, really nice, but has a bit of a God obsession. the last topic was missionary dating, which apparently is a christian dating a non christian so they'll (the non christian) see the error of their ways and get saved. 

so he had to talk about that for a while. and the phrase "unequally yoked" came up a lot. i asked him what that meant, you know, because he could have been talking about oxen for all i know. he just laughed. 

i wouldn't be against dating him, really. just that God thing is kind of annoying (although i have nothing against God, but hey ... talking about anything too much is obnoxious, like j&k's former pda), and i really am hoping he's not trying to save me or whatever. 

his name is mike.

back to homework for me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You make breaking hearts look so easy

how sad is it that my first post of 2009 is 20 days into the new year?

sad, roxy, sad.

ANYWHO! I found out that my website,, was in the top 1% of sites the day i made it. WOOT! that's exciting. i should update it more, once i figure it out more. 

anyways.... c&c have promise rings. i guess they're going to get married eventually. or whatever. alan's going out with an art freak (i really don't know what he sees in the guy, personally), and j&k are on the verge of a breakup.

I KNOW! i wanted it to happen for so long so i could have jake... and now... i'm actually SAD about it. 

doesn't it suck when two of your friends are breaking up? (yes, i consider kira a friend now.) then you can't really pick sides like you can if it's just one friend.

i talk to jake. he seems sad.

then i talk to kira. she seems sad.

it's like they don't really WANT me to choose a side, or break up, or anything... and yet they're trying to get me to pick a side during this mess.

stupid, pathetic, idiotic people...

me, i've made peace with being single. i like where i am right now. most of my friends are sane (with a few notable exceptions) and my life is going okay. 

erik and i don't text anymore. i don't know if he's with joolz or what. 

sounds weird, me being all optimistic and all. but it's a good feeling, for once. 

and the weather is so incredibly nice!

i've missed you guys so much!