Monday, December 29, 2008


sooo i have a new site.

you can update that in your following things. i'm going to be posting there and all.

and it's exciting. 



Sunday, December 28, 2008

you never

hey yo.

holy freakin' a i've missed this thing. absolutely no time to get on. and then mandy borrowed my computer and somehow managed to give it the blue screen of death. sooooo basically i had to get a new one.

anyway. a lot has gone down. cait was right. i am in a good mood.

c&c are still going strong. they're sort of like an old married couple. but it's cute to watch. 

j&k .... well, it's like for how long they were attached with velcro. not anymore. their relationship seems more like jake's and mine, except we never made out in public all the time. i asked jake if they'd broken up (give me a break, i was taken over by the curiosity demon) and he said no. 


alan and i are tight. sort of like the new jake except not. i'm a little sad that now i spend more time with him than i do jake, but that's life, i guess. and it's cool.

oh. and alan is gay.

i was surprised when he told me. i think i'm the first person he came out to. it's weird. it's like i can't see him with another guy and yet i can. but i fully support him. i personally don't know how i would ever come out if i were gay. it seems like it's hard. i don't know. it's not like being ashamed of what you are, i guess, but more afraid of what people will say. alan seemed relieved that i was cool about it. and that made me happy.

and it really has worked out, more or less. i told him i used to have a sort of crush on him, and we just laughed about it. 

he's a really good person to laugh with.

thanksgiving was pretty calm. it was just us. by "us" i mean me, my mom and dad, and robby and mandy. 

mandy thinks she's sixteen. it's funny to watch, but holy freaking A. i don't think i knew half the stuff at her age that she seems to know. and that was only a few years ago. i'm laughing here, but seriously ..... she's all, "does this look sexy?" blah blah blah. 

i don't think i ever really cared about looking sexy. still don't, really. 

she's freaking EIGHT. good lord.

robby, on the other hand, is trying to fend off the advances of a little eight-year-old vixen. seems the girl stuck her tongue in his mouth and he hauled off and slapped her, so his teacher called mom. 

i laughed so hard when i heard the story. 

my poor mom. she was just like, "roxy, will you PLEASE stop laughing! this is not at all funny!"

which only made me laugh harder.

christmas was fun. we opened the presents on christmas eve and had christmas breakfast ... then i went out with the c's and j&k and alan for a few hours. there's this big hill over and we sat on that, ripping out the grass and just talking.

i wonder if maybe alan sort of likes jake.

join the crowd, homey.

i feel more settled these days, like i don't feel all this empty, nervous space inside.

maybe i'm just maturing or something.

OR i could be just accepting all this. 

i'm going to stop before i start sounding like jade. not that i actually can. she's smarter than i am. lol.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

headaches & happiness

six thingers that happify me......

1) lip gloss. i'm a freakin' lip gloss WHORE.
2) starbucks.
3) how i met your mother. god i love that show.
4) memories.
5) my cell phone. lol.
6) my blog and all its lovers and haters and crocigators

i'm in a weird mood.

take this and get happy. i shouldn't have to tag you. :)