Wednesday, October 8, 2008


the thing is, you can't be so stuck up that you think you're not going to mess up. shit happens. that's life. and a lot of the problems you have, you made yourself. you can't rely on someone else to fix it for you, either. you have to suck it up and tell yourself that you're not going to do that again. you have to realize that people aren't going to like you, they won't understand, and they will probably assume the worst about you, your motives, and your actions. sometimes you'll cry. even if you think tears are weak. sometimes you'll weep hysterically and won't be able to stop no matter who tells you to or how much you berate yourself. eventually, you'll realize that everyone who ever hurt you was insecure. and we all hurt each other. we are all insecure no matter how much we think we're not. you'll wake up one day and realize that you've moved on. sure, you might still be bitter. but you will realize that you are the only one who has the power to mess up your life. being different isn't all it's cracked up to be. sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and rebellion and do as you're told. you will forget things. important, major things. minor things that no one will ever see. intentionally or without meaning to. you will disregard the minor things only to realize in two days or twenty years that those were actually the most important things. sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help. some people will never forgive you. the people you hurt the most will either be the people that you love the most, or that love you the most, or both. writing is good therapy. nothing is unimportant. no one is unimportant. remember that everyone basically feels the same way you do. the golden rule is not cliched advice. it is fact. you will eventually realize that there is a god, and you will talk to him or her, and at other times you will be so ashamed you can't even look skyward. you are selfish. it is the fundamental human flaw. every sin ever committed has been because of selfishness. you will be rejected. you will be lonely. you will be hurt. you will despair for your life. if you hang on for just a few more hours, you will still be miserable, yet happy to be alive. air is a beautiful thing. vital. it is okay to be a face in the crowd. sometimes it's the best place to be. the grass is not greener in someone else's yard. you're just seeing it from a nice angle. remember that though you see all your yard's faults, someone is wishing that they had your yard. you are highly flawed. if you doubt this, it is proof of your disability because you are also blind. don't apologize unless you mean it. don't break people's trust. it doesn't matter if you like them or not. be nice. don't snub. don't lie. honesty is not always the best policy, though. cultivate a good reputation. do not damage it. realize that you will damage it and some people may never forgive you. take a quick break to remember where you came from and then get back to where you're going. you can't walk looking through binoculars. eventually, you'll realize that, ultimately, no one will be there for you, you will die alone, you cannot trust them, and if you want something done you will have to do it yourself.

note: i did not write this. i came across it when my friend dropped her notebook in the hall and this fell out. she wasn't even mad that i read it, and she gave me permission to reprint this in my blog. i think it's quite impressive, personally. can you believe she's only sixteen? geez.

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Anonymous said...

She's alive!

That is quite impressive for a 16 year old. I'd never write anything so profound in a notebook like that. She should be a philosopher.

P.S. The Orange Line is no longer active and it's the Reading Corner now. FYI.

Sydney Speel said...

thank you stopping by!

and don't worry, the feeling is mutual...

stop by any time!

i'll link you...

Anonymous said...

Well, like Albert Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

I think every college needs someone like that who's not generic and is able to think outside the box.

♥♥CLAiiR3TH3ROCK3R♥♥ said...

thx for followin my blog!

Skippy said...

You friend is a very good writer, like scary good. I think she should have a blog of her own, it would probably be the bomb.

I think some are wiser then others, and age is just a number. I know some sixteen year olds who have more wisedom, than forty five year old's. It's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Anonymous said...

rox, you are so sweet. I love you to death.

I still don't know what to do with this blog you made me, though...

Aurley said...

I agree with her ideas!
Very interesting blog.
She should most definetly be a philosopher.
We could use more great minds right about now.
She could be the next Thomas More!
Thanks for following, after reading your blog, I think Im going to return the favor. :)

Natalie! said...

Your friend is a very talented writer! She really does have some amazing ideas, even despite her age. Age is just a number, and like Skippy said, it doesn't necessarily define how intelligent you are.

ooh and thanks for the comment (: