Wednesday, October 22, 2008

little creepy girl with her little creepy face

so i've had 30 posts since my debut in july (oy.... i had no idea i'd written that many....) and they've all been commented save one! (pink hair makes you invincible.... you can go leave me comments on that if you wish. just so it's not left out in the cold. ;])


halloween is coming!

one of my all time favorite holidays. i know, i'm 17 and i'm too old to trick or treat, but last year i went (with mandy & robby.... i also went to some halloween parties with my friends)..... i feel like going this year, although i really don't want to take my siblings. (for one, mandy is going to be hannah montana. really. robby's not sure yet. he's thinking about being a ninja or a pirate. so cliched, both of them.) and i need to pick a costume. last year i was corpse bride. haha. i'm really not sure what i want to be this year. i was thinking about maybe being a gothic doll (i love those dolls!!) or something retro and 60s-ish ....... ahh, i don't know.

cam&chris are going to be bella & edward, you know, from twilight.

so. annoying.

jake is also going to be a vampire, but he's going the goth route, sort of like gerard way (which will be awesome because he still has gerard hair). kira's going to be helena, like in the mcr video helena. (which will be weird, because the girl in that video is so skinny, and kira's gained around 15 pounds in the past month or so. oh god. i hope she isn't pregnant. i literally just thought of that. great. now i'm going to be all freaked over that. and i also can't see kira as being, you know, goth and dead. she's too........ lively.)

and then me.... again.


alan's going to be kurt cobain. two of his other friends are going to be krist novoselic and dave grohl. that's going to be cool. alan suggested that if i wanted to be "matchy" like c&c and j&k, i could be courtney love or something......

which i am vaguely tempted to do....

but i don't want to go the whole matchy route.

sort of.

it's probably because i don't want to be courtney love.

ah i don't know.

or i could go really cliched and be a witch. all i would have to do is get the pointy hat. i have this really cool black cape that i could wear over ........ something black, i guess.


and i don't wear slutty costumes as a matter of principle.

i like some of the costumes hot topic has. the black angel one is cool.

or..... i could be avril lavigne, with my pink hair and all.


i'll think of something.


that's basically the only important thing....

except jake & cambria don't really seem to notice that i'm hanging out with them less and hanging out with alan & jade more.

ah well.

stuff changes.....

i like change as long as it doesn't change anything, if you know what i mean.


9 lovers & haters:

Wandering Child said...

I'm going as Bellatrix Lestrange and the sad thing is my costume is 90% my own clothes. I think that says something about me. ;-) You could go as Edgar Allen Poe, that's always cool for Halloween.

Sydney Speel said...

i hate when people use halloween as a slut costume excuse.

2 girls: becki & marie, are dressing up as, oh what was it?!?!

something like blackjack dealer's or french maids.

you're never too old!

no offense to C&C, but that's a little cheesy...

keep rocking roxy motion!

almostjade said...

i agree. slutty costumes suck.

i didn't realize that c&c were really going to be bella & edward. i thought that was just a rumor. haha. although i'm not exactly sure how they're going to pull that off...

haha. i remember corpse bride. that was a fun year.

ellie's eric said...

You are never to old for Halloween. Check out Gothic & Lolita Bible from the lib. That'll inspire you for sure. Or wear a suit and tie. I love bowties.

Have fun!

*jemima* said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the blog comment and for linking me.
I'm just off to link you now! x

--Emilyyy-- said...

Yay! I love halloween too. It's def my fave holiday.

Tatis said...

Hi! I love halloween too, I'm not sure what I'm going to be either it all depends on my school. And like sydney speel and you I think, I also hate slut costumes. Girls just take nay custeme and used it in a reavealing way I kind of hate.

Rose Valentine said...

Hahah I'm going to trick or treat too! :) I'm going to be Hermione Granger. Anyway, thanks so much for your support. I'm getting better. I forgive him wholeheartedly and I'm willing to be friends with him. The only I will never ever again is his girlfriend.

Cait said...

Have some fun on Halloween..personally, I'd want to go as the lead singer from Birthday Massacre.