Thursday, October 30, 2008

hey, it's not over now

me, roxy.



for halloween i'm borrowing my mother's clothes and stuff to make myself look older than i am, and i'm taking robby & mandy trick-or-treating. which i'm actually excited about, because i'm going to tell everyone they're my children and see who i fool.

probably no one.

oh well.

today i told everyone i don't feel like going to the halloween party tomorrow. which is true. i feel like being lonely and feeling sorry for myself. except i don't really feel sorry for myself. today i woke up and i was completely okay with myself and my life, fucked up and shitty as it is and I am. acceptance is the final step, as they say. or is that what they say? i have no idea. whatever. the point is, i'm cool with everything exactly as it is now.

i'm also going to borrow cambria's blond wig from two halloweens ago, since my mom is blond and i can't pass for her without blond hair, since mine is black/blond/pink.

alan gave me a sympathy hug, like aww, roxy, you poor devil, you.


so, thanks everyone who gave me costume ideas (even though i didn't use any of them . . . HA!) and commented, and i hope you all have a wickedly awesome halloween.

and maybe an epiphany or two.

but a wicked halloween all the way around.


9 lovers & haters:

Wandering Child said...

Halloween's gonna be great!

just Ivy said...

Its always a great time to be someone else..i always think of that buffy episode where willow was the ghost at Halloween & Oz finally sees her. Think magical.

gossip guy

just Ivy said...

Thanks for the comment. I greatly appreciate it.

gossip guy

ellie's eric said...

Sounds fun. Especially, the blond wig. I love to wear a wig on Halloween.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, too.

*jemima* said...

Happy halloween and thanks for the comment about Wesley and Angel's marvellous dancing :D

Jaerixon said...

you should read my blog

Sydney Speel said...

sympathy hug.

happy halloween!

Gossip said...

Wanna tell a gossip?, know about a celeb?


P.S. I like your blog!

Just Some Girl said...

T A G G E D !

Okayy, so They Just Call Her Helen tagged me. And now I'm tagging you...

The idea of the game is to chose six things that makes you happy and then tag six people to play too!

Good Luck