Monday, September 29, 2008

oh donna won't you pick me up tomorrow

i miss carley.

we talked earlier today and she told me she got her pink streaks dyed blue. i am so fucking jealous. i want blue in my hair, too. or maybe green. i think green would look cool with the pink.... idk. whatever. this pink is holding up remarkably well (god love my stylist), so overall i'm pretty happy.

thanks for all the comments, people.


at lunch today i went outside (it was a gorgeous day) and sat on the picnic tables on the back lot..... because all J&K do at lunch is full frontal snogging, as the british say, and all C&C do is feed each other. it's sickening. so i ate with alan. we've been talking a lot lately. it makes me feel vaguely guilty about what i said back when the lesbian rumor was circulating, because alan is really very nice and i see him as a friend now. so, the funny thing is, although i usually make my own lunch (yes, i'm lame like that, but i'm a picky eater so i have to prepare meals exactly how i like them), today mom was feeling particularly motherly and she made lunches for the three of us. sooo there was a peanut butter/mayo sandwich and cucumbers on the side.

I HATE PB/M. if they serve food in hell, that is it.

the cucumber slices were basically okay.

anyway. so, before i knew what i was doing, i stood up and growled in utter agony,


and then i threw the offending sandwich against a tree and sat back down.

then i realized what i did.

so i was like "motherfuckerrrrrrrr" and then alan's like, "so, you're in drama, right?" like it was no big deal. which it wasn't, of course. but still. it's vaguely embarrassing.

why does bending your nail backwards hurt so bad? i just did it and it really hurt, although it doesn't hurt anymore, but i'm still holding my finger like i just broke it. freak that i am.

stupid mrs. k in drama club. she keeps telling me to SMILE onstage. dude. we are doing a DRAMA. there is no need for me to smile. and then she tells my mom who picked me up after school friday that i lack confidence. motherfuckingfucker. oooo that made me mad. i am totally confident. at least i think i am. or something like that. whatever. the point is, i am not a shy person onstage or off. i just am not a very smiley person.

i hate cough drops. i just ate one and now my tongue feels all itchy and tingly. it's not a good feeling.

i'm going to go start my homework and find a snack or something. peace.


6 lovers & haters:

Anonymous said...

You've been gone for so long! Missed you.

Offensive sandwich . . . wow.

♥♥CLAiiR3TH3ROCK3R♥♥ said...

Can u follow my blog?

Rose Valentine said...

Hmm very interesting.

Cady said...

I like that word snogging. It maketh me laugh.

pookieface=] said...

nice. today isnt a wednesday is it?? XD

pb/mayo??? EEEEEEEEEEW!!! i always have pb and choc chip sandwiches. waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
good luck with the drama thing.

Anonymous said...

too bad we don't have lunch same period. funny story though. I can fully see you doing that.