Tuesday, September 9, 2008



aim or msn. haha. it's all i have.

but the aim is roxymotion and the msn is

thanks for replying though. =]

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Wandering Child said...

Yes, well . . . no offense but I don't really feel comfortable giving you my email address because I've never met you in person. No offense.

Wandering Child said...

I don't know. I'm not going to do a sequel because there'd be nothing to write about. I'm probably going to put a combination of my poetry and poems I like on there. Maybe another story if I think of one.

Wandering Child said...

A little. Mostly just the teen angst stuff everyone writes. Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours too. But isn't this the exact same thing as a blog list?

Wandering Child said...

I guess.

But I think I WILL to that for my Orange Line page. Hmm . . . *imagines possibilities*

Wandering Child said...

I was THINKING that if people wanted they could submit their stuff. Haven't really put too much thought into it at the moment. I think I'm gonna turn in. See ya in the AM.

ellie said...

Thanks for the comment and checking out the story in progress.

Keep blogging.

Wandering Child said...

I updated Orange Line!!!