Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I don't care what you think as long as it's about me

Woot! The new fall out boy song is on itunes!

yes. i am in love with that song.


thank you so much to all my wonderful readers! you're the best.

i fucking hate school.

it's not really my classes, because my teachers are pretty okay. it's the people.

fucking nicole started a rumor that i am a lesbian, because i guess she saw me talking to whitney, who IS a lesbian. i mean, really. i have to associate with whitney because we're both in this drama class AND the drama club. but she's a good person.

i could have ignored that if christine (who is probably the biggest lesbian in the school) hadn't started asking me out.

"hey roxy. i heard you're a lesbian. want to go out sometime?"

i swear to god, she literally said that to me.

so i said, "i'm not a lesbian."

she says, "well, the whole school says you are."

i say, "no, they do not. nicole just started that rumor to be the fucking bitch she is."

she says, "whatever. bye."

and then a couple of days later, she does it again.


and hanging out with jake and cambria (and their respective partners) is hard, because not only am i a fifth wheel, i'm a desperate lesbian who's in love with my best friend, who keeps shunning my advances.

so, for the past several days, i've been telling everyone to fuck off.

some motherfucker told my MOM that i'm gay, and she tried to talk to me about it ("it doesn't matter, honey, we'll always love you, blah blah blah") and before i realized what i was saying, i said:


to my MOM, of all people.

and then i started crying.

which is pretty rare, for me. i'm not big on crying.

soooo, to make a long story short, i apologized to my mom and somehow the whole goddamn story came out, like i'm a seventh grader again and i tell my mom everything.

sooo she treats me like a seventh grader and gives me all the useless advice they teach moms to say at mom school:

"just ignore them!"

"they're just jealous of you, honey!"

"just walk away."

"remember, what goes around, comes around."

yeah, i know. karma is a bitch. but why is it so bitchy to me so often?

oh, yeah. i forgot to say that yes, kira does go to my school.

so i get to see their pda-fest every second of the day.


oh, and i think c & c finally kissed. woo. how cute is the fact that they're all shy and holding hands? why don't you just go move to an amish colony or whatever they're called?

i've been avoiding them as much as i can, which isn't much, because, between the four of them, they always manage to find me. i need to get a place. you know, like a secret place that most people don't know about and where nobody would think to look for me.

in other news, alan, who is probably the most popular guy on campus, is my lab partner. he is hot, i must admit (still not as hot as jake or even erik), and he's quarterback and dated a cheerleader and all that jazz . . . he's also in a band and likes art. so he's weird. but he's also pretty nice. and i think he might like me. he's also single. which is good. now i just need to make out with him in a public place so i get my heterosexual status back.

or maybe that would backfire.

oh god. i am the most selfish person alive.

i think i should probably post here more just so i get everything sorted out in my own head. guh.

3 lovers & haters:

Wandering Child said...

I've missed you Miss Motion!

But do you know how many people think I'm a lesbian? Quite a lot. (Because I'm creative, single and dress plainly.) But not to tick you off but I DO actually have advice and it's fail proof. I promise.

Ignore them. Literally. If a girl comes up to you and asks you out just to be mean, don't give her a reaction. If someone asks you if you are . . . ignore them. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone and never let anyone make a rumor get to you.

Skippy said...

I knew a girl that frequently gets asked out by girls too, which is weird because she likes the boys...but whatever.

That's wrong about that girl spreading rumors about you, just kick the freak in the shin...hard. Congrats on having a hot lab partner, eye candy is always nice.

--Emilyyy-- said...

Life's a bitch and then we die.
I like your blog though.
Have fun getting your rep back. :P

Happy Blogging
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3