Wednesday, September 17, 2008

goodbye ruby tuesday

i like wednesdays. you never hear anything bad about wednesdays. they have a history of being good days. plus, the week is half over, so glory freakin' hallelujah.


today was good. being a wednesday and all. and it was better because kira had a doctor's appointment then a dentist appointment, so she wasn't at school today. and i had jake all to myself like i used to.

and that was REALLY AMAZING because that very thing happened last week. except she was out with her parents. but still.

jake's hair is growing out and right now he's got that whole gerard way thing going on. it looks smexy on him.

i actually told him that. he just laughed.

because, you know. i'm his best girl friend (suck it up, cambria, i knew him first) and i can say stuff like that and get away with it because it doesn't mean anything.

or something like that.

sooo apparently i'm not a lesbian anymore. which is good. fucking nicole (i can't speak of that girl without saying the word fucking before her name) decided to aim her guns at someone else. not that i'm complaining. i never heard of this person until she started some random rumor mill. and the funny thing is, all rumors die down once she shuts the fuck up.

yeah. my school is gay, and not homosexually.

right now i laughed because jake's iming me, and he's complaining about how hard his math homework is. (we're in the same class, so i had the same work.) so right now i'm laughing at him because it literally took me ten minutes. maybe even less.

usually i don't laugh, but he really deserves it for this whole kira thing. and besides. it's aim. he can't see me.

5 lovers & haters:

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

Lol !! My wednesdays never go well !! Like, this wednesday I had my first exam, and trust me, it SUCKED !!!

Manga Dork said...

Mine are okay.
next wednesday I have a volley ball game!!

Wandering Child said...

I like Wednesdays . . . but I prefer Alchemy Mondays.

But I always say to myself "just gotta survive til thursday" because my safe haven -- art class is on thursday.

Darling Dears. said...

i absolutely love wednesdays. to me its like, its almost friday, and thank God monday is over.

keep blogging :)

pookieface=] said...

haha!! yeah, i love wednesdays... thats so weird... like wed nes day... woah sry.
god i havent checked anything in forever.... ive missed that whole lesbian thing. Hope stuff rox with jake!!!
dude, my social life pretty much suxx now, even urs is better.