Tuesday, August 12, 2008

pink hair makes you invincible

Well, the family reunion was over yesterday (glory freakin' HALLELUJAH!) and we're spending one last day with joolz & co. before going home.

and i get to see jake.


and erik's coming over later. he's making it look like a surprise, or something, but i know because he texted me about it.

i seriously can't wait to go home. i miss jake, and cambria. and . . . idk. blah.

okay so . . . the family reunion.

i totally died and went to hell. i swear. if there is a hell, that was it.

mkay, so everyone came and brought their kids, right? and i swear, there were about fifty screaming little kids running around. and one would fall, and cry, and then two others would be pummeling each other, and then others would be arguing about hannah montana, and then someone said she was going to marry a jonas brother, and another girl told her she was stupid because nobody was hotter than zac efron.

seriously. these kids are all like under eight.

which is proof of what a totally screwed up world this is.

then someone got the bright idea to put them in an air-conditioned room with a bunch of tvs in it. so there was a group sitting watching hannah montana, another some anime flick . . . you get the idea. but that was on the second day.

so then everyone from 9-17 ish was kind of forced to hang out, while the adults got drunk. (kidding. although a few did get sloshed.)

carley and i were the only ones with pink hair. which was awesome, but seriously. this is supposed to be a TOLERANT age, not INTOLERANT. Pink hair is nothing new. i mean, GOD. GROW UP. GET A LIFE.

some moron even asked if we'd joined a cult.

whoops. I meant GROW A BRAIN.

so last night, jake called me and i was whining to him about everything that happened this week (which he oddly thought was funny, because he laughed the whole effing time) and i forget why i said this, but then I was like "MOTHERFUCKER!!" and mandy and mom heard me and gave me a lecture about my language. she said if this pink hair was going to affect me like this, then when we got home we would just have to go to a salon and get it dyed out. i told her it had nothing in hell to do with my hair (because it doesn't) and that this week had been murder in hell, and that i couldn't wait to go home.

she just looked at me.

"but i thought you were having fun this summer," was what she said. "you know, with carley and joulia........"

gee, mom. stoned much?

kidding. but seriously. JOULIA??????? what has she been smoking? EVERYONE knows that joolz and i don't get along. and here she's thinking we're best friends or something?

or, excuse me,


see, joolz and mandy already used acronyms in real-life speak sometimes, but now they do it practically every other word.

these are what conversations sound like around here:

"where's the milk?"
"omg idk"
"like, itdk so, like, maybe open the fridge? lol!"

it REALLY pisses me off.

sooo yeah. thanks to all my loverly commenters. i'll try to post more often, now that i'm going home tomorrow!!



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