Saturday, August 16, 2008

i've loved everything about you that hurts

soooooooooooo i met kira today.

actually i kind of spent the day with her. and with jake, of course. you know.

arms around each other. KOTCs (and otherwise). smiling. laughing.

that was them.

i was the third wheel.

oh, they were nice, don't get me wrong. jake's not exactly ditching me because he's got a girlfriend. but it's kind of hard to just be normal when he's wrapped around this random girl he met on vacation.

not that kira's a bitch.

she's actually just about the nicest person i ever met.

and it's so ANNOYING.

no wonder jake likes her.

compliment after compliment. ms. uppity. helpful.

and you can tell it's not an act. she really is that way. it's almost like she would give someone a hug if they walked up and smacked her upside the head.

well, maybe not exactly, but still.

so we were going to the movies and saw cambria and -- guess what -- HER new boyfriend. (she didn't go away on vacation, she met this guy right here) well, i was already feeling kind of sick (maybe because of all the visual sugar i'd ingested today, who knows), so i begged off. i completely forgot that i'd been riding around in jake's car all day, and he let me drive it home and said he and kira would ride back with cambria & her guy (i can't remember his name for the life of me). and then cambria hugged me (of course) and then jake hugged me (maybe a little too long, but only because it was in front of his girlfriend, never mind that i'm his best friend) and then kira hugged me and said she hoped i felt better soon.

um. okay.

i drove jake's car to his house and then walked home. i wish i could see his reaction when he sees that. he'll be shocked. he might even think i decided to crash on his couch or something. (actually, i'm more interested in kira's reaction. i hope they don't drop her off before they do jake.)

so yeah.

i kind of wish i was still on vacation. it wasn't all bad, as much as i complained, and it was easier to talk to jake (and think about him) without kira, even though i knew she was around. sort of.

i mean, now he has this OTHER GIRL, and it's just ......... well, it's weird. you know how it is. or i assume you do. and if you don't, you will, eventually.

and NOW what am i going to do? jake & cambria & i always hang out together. we're like the three musketeers. or some other equally bad metaphor. my point is, we're inseparable. and now there's this ........ PARASITE hanging on. i wonder if kira goes to my school. i've certainly never seen her before. maybe she goes to our rival. under normal circumstances, jake shouldn't want anything to do with her, but he sees everyone as equal, all the same, so he wouldn't care that she faithfully attends the heart of evil. maybe she's a really, really, REALLY good liar. or something.

although i don't know if she actually GOES there or not. yet.

and what if she does? what if she transfers to mine? what if jake transfers THERE? i'd have to kill somebody.



5 lovers & haters:

Skippy said...

It makes it hard not to like a person when they are nice. It just makes me want hate them even more!

Yeah, being the third wheel stinks. I'm speaking from exprince. It's plainly not fun.

Golly Gee It's Krissi Marie♥ said...

Is it? I know I will be scared to death. I really hope I don't get a mean Drivers Ed Teacher:-)


pookieface=] said...

yeah kira sounds too nice. i think shes secretly evil. but then again i think everyone is secretly evil. im ALWAYS the third wheel. and when i say always its like, ALWAYS. i feel your pain.

I cant wait until i can drive.

You would be a really good author. i love reading ur blog cuz its written in a way thats not totally random and stupid like i write. fyi. XD

Wandering Child said...

Don't worry I'm a known thrid wheel. But a tricycle has three wheels if that makes you feel better.

BAMF :) said...

be strong :)
thrid wheels;; bleh :p