Friday, August 1, 2008


you'll never guess what our parents did now.

they made joolz and me go shopping together! all day!

apparently we haven't "bonded" enough so our punishment was spending the day together.

we did sort of get around it because they left us by ourselves in a big mall, and we met up occasionally so when our moms called that we could easily say we're together.

the lucky thing was, they let us borrow their credit cards. i was tempted to steal joolz's (and i could have easily done it) and cut it up and throw it away buuuuuuuuuut i didn't. and i really regret it.


anyway. i did buy some stuff, mostly accessories at claire's. and i used my own money because i feel weird about using mom's card. she gets . . . um . . . patronizing. she never ever ever ever yells. she just lectures politely. i'd almost rather she yell.

so yeah. i'm writing this on my phone in the bathroom at this restaurant we're all at. i really want a hamburger. from wendy's. but i ordered chicken parmigiana because they don't have hamburgers here.

stupid fancyish restaurant.

of course, carley and i are getting weird looks from people because we have pink in our hair. would they be giving avril lavigne weird looks? no. they would be asking her for her autograph.

oh well. only two more days here. and then we're all off to the big, glorious, wonderful, dreamlike family reunion. OH, SUCH JOY. I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF.

anyway........ jake called me today. at the mall. this is pretty much how it went:

me: hola.

jake: hey roxy.

me: eeeeeee! hey!

jake: (laughs) hey yourself. what are you up to.

me: oh, shopping.

jake: for me?

me: oh yeah. i've bought $200 worth of stuff and every cent of it's been for you. NOT.

although i did buy him this smashing pumpkins cd he wanted.

jake: how thoughtful.

me: hell yes. what are you doing?

jake: just got back. i was out with some friends.

me: oh really?

jake: yeah. it was cool.

me: (silently seething) sounds like it.

jake: remember kira? i told you about her?

me: yeah.

jake: she lives near us. i know, crazy, right?

me: (laughs audibly, growls silently) oh really?

jake: yeah. i can't wait for you to meet her.

translation: meet my new girlfriend. kira (squeezes), this is my friend roxy. (notice the omission of the word "best" from "best friend" on PURPOSE)

me: yeah, i can't wait. so are you two . . . you know, together.

jake: yeah. (laughs) it's been a cool summer.

so that's kind of a paraphrase, but it's still basically the same thing. we talked for a little while after that, but what i wrote up there is the important part.


I hope someone pushes her in front of a bus.

well, not really. but kinda.

well, either way, this is an excuse to go after erik. because he's seriously sexy. and i don't say that word about 99% of people. i hope he breaks up with joolz soon. soon soon soon soon soon. so maybe she'll stop acting so goddamn superior for just ONE second. it's unlikely, but hey, anything is possible.

i really like that song "then i woke up" by clique girlz. the ultimate bubblegum pop. the lyrics are lame and so is the video, but i like that song for some reason.

it's certainly a lot better than diana degarmo's version.

well, carley came in to check on me so i'm going to go now. toodles.


4 lovers & haters:

chloe33 said...
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chloe33 said...

Shopping with your mom's credit card? NICE XD

And I'm sorry about Jake and his new gf...kira or whatever her name is.

Cheer up =]

Wandering Child said...

I really like the color combinations in your blog. Very artistic. I hope this cheers you up. :-)

Kat said...

wow, awkward conversation. I'm sorry about that.