Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Been busy being a fifth wheel and prepping for school and all that jazz.

you know.

thanks for the comments.


methinks that jake & kira went all the way, but neither of them will cop to it. they went from being cute, holding hands and arms around each other, to massive PDA. it's gross, not to mention annoying, mostly because it happened all of a sudden. cambria has this thing about chastity (she even wears a purity ring) so you wouldn't know that she and her boyfriend are dating if you didn't actually KNOW. (he has one of those rings, too. i don't have much faith in that.)

my pink was fading, so yesterday i went and got it touched up. and i had my ends dyed this light blue color. i look awesome. and it didn't cost that much because i had coupons. (the people were trying to tell me i could only use one coupon at once, but i told them that since it wasn't explicitly stated as such on the coupons, they couldn't possibly expect me to save a coupon for next time. i mean, it would be expired by the time next time rolled around.)

dad made us go to cambria's church today (i can't remember a word the pastor said, but i do remember that people looked at me oddly and my mom was embarrassed, although she didn't say anything), which basically sucked . . . so boring. i don't know how c does it EVERY WEEK, for the love of God . . . or fear of punishment, whatever.

afterwards, cambria and her boyfriend (whose name is, weirdly enough, christian) and jake and kira and i went to the mall. we mostly stayed in the food court and didn't shop . . . although we did go in the gamestop and spencer's and the barnes & noble because it's always REALLY cold in there for some reason . . . and i found this book about that true love waits thing and i was reading it a little while the other four did . . . whatever. j & k probably made out in the stacks while c & c went to the kids section and cambria read dr. seuss . . . i guess. i don't know.

so anyway, the book. i can't remember the name or who wrote it. but it wasn't ALL bad. you know, it didn't say "if you have premarital sex you'll go to hell" . . . just that it's God's plan to wait until you get married . . . and that you also don't have to worry about getting pregnant or an STD. which i agree with. the pregnancy and the STD thing. i don't think i'll ever get married. and i don't really want to get married. but i don't want to die a virgin, either. i just . . . i don't know.

watching j & k's constant PDA kind of kills my own desire to make out with him, because if i did, all i would think about is kira and how i probably have her germs in my mouth now. although i suspect that jake is a really good kisser. he looks like he would be. (i can't help it . . . watching them make out is both repulsive and hypnotizing.)

oh well.

the new fall out boy mixtape is really good. it's on and if you like them you should download it if you haven't already.

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Jessica. said...

I totally agree with wat ur saying about the whole sex thing.

Skippy said...

I hate couples that droll all over each other in public. Seriously if they do that in public, I'd hate to see what they do behind closed doors. I mean really.

Wandering Child said...

Roxy! You're back!!!

Cait said...

Hi. Your friends sound like some of mine as..I recall from church. I had one friend who dated this guy just swore they were twins the way they wore thier hair...all blond and curly. And she was so worried about me finding the right guy. Then when she graduated..with 3 months they split, she found a Mexican guy and they had kid together, unfortunately, her parents disowned her.

But on that public display..well, been there and done that. Don't know why it happens exactly but it does..its like you're drunk or something. My Mom found out about me and this guy that way. We were kissing at a bus-stop(we never made out at church) anyway she almost had a car wreck. She'd heard rumor from one of my friends that I was seeing this guy in the city and they'd seen us all I guess she was spying on us. Evidently.

Anyway, there might come a time when it might happen to you...and when it does..well, making out in museums is not a bad place to be. Actually, though..I'd rather do (kissing) in front of strangers than people I know.

DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

heya! just came across your blog! it's kool !! fun to read ! keep blogging !! i love your profile pik !

ellie said...

Thanks for the comment. Good to hear from you. The hair sounds cool. I would never have that much time to spend on my hair, though..

Golly Gee It's Krissi Marie♥ said...

Thank you very much it means alot. I also agree with you by the way!

♥♥CLAiiR3TH3ROCK3R♥♥ said...

I like your blog.
Check out my blog!

♥♥CLAiiR3TH3ROCK3R♥& hearts;

just Ivy said...

you know we love it when you blog. hope all is well and you find a way back to blog sometime, soon.