Sunday, August 3, 2008

any thoughts of you and me have(n't) gone away

listening to avril lavigne.

welllllllllllllllllllll tomorrow's the big family reunion. how convenient that day one is a monday. such marvelous, abundant joy. i can hardly contain myself. i think i'm high from the endorphins. i might die from happiness.

yeah yeah.

anyway, i'm (kinda) happy for real. becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

erik broke up with joolz.



no, that wasn't a lie. he really did.

we've been texting and all that jazz. and he's nicer than i originally thought. (either that or he knows how to be nice when he wants to. i'm not entirely naive.)

and i found his myspace. god he is so hot.

like, beyond belief hot.

i already knew that, of course. but he photographs reallllllllllllllllllllllllly well. he should be a model.


mkay so i'm not exactly over jake. and it's not like i can stop seeing him or something. he lives the next street over from me, we go to the same high school, and he probably doesn't want to stop being my friend.

you know. because i'm cute, i have pink hair and good taste in music.

i wonder just how close kira lives.

and i wonder why i'm turning into an obsessive stalker. it's not like me. i've never done this sort of thing before.

but then, i never had a crush on jake before.

god this is so unfair! why now? i mean, we've been friends since we were kids. this is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

you do realize that this thing with erik is never gonna work out, if only because i still think of him as an ass in the back of my head, and because of the long distance thing. it's stupid. 

i need to get a boyfriend right where i live, if i get one at all. (which is lame of me. it sounds like i'm talking about  buying a purse or something)

but at least i have the satisfaction that joolz is bummed about the breakup. she's pretending she doesn't care, but i don't think she got the red eyes and smeared eye makeup from watching PG-13 romantic comedies with mandy. (it's so funny to see mom try to handle this. like i said before, she never ever ever yells. and she doesn't exactly think PG-13s are appropriate for an eight-year-old. you know. haha. somehow she still thinks miley cyrus  is the ideal role model. whatever.) so that's kind of comforting.

and that i can sort of rub it in jake's face. (yes, i like rubbing things in people's faces.) hey, you think you had a good summer? i had a BETTER summer. my boyfriend is hotter than your girlfriend, bitch.

i can call people bitches and get away with it. i'm not sure why.


this is so unfair.

haha. i saw a mosquito on my arm and i totally flipped out. it just startled me.

well, um, i guess i could feel sorry for myself, or i could go to bed. 

or something like that.

i need sleep for tomorrow.

oo, funny thing happened today. i forgot what i said, but it was whiny and it was about jake, and robby asked me if i was in love with jake. (not in his usual taunting annoying eight year old way, but like he was really curious.) i denied it vehemently. he then asked me if i liked "that weird erik guy that's joolz's boyfriend" and i told him that e & j broke up, and that i might, potentially, like erik. but not like that. then robby gave me this weird look, like he was eating lemons, and told me not to get a boyfriend, because he needs me to be on call to play video games all the time.

it really was a sweet moment, and pretty uncharacteristic for an eight year old BOY. isn't he supposed to hate me and mandy supposed to like me? oh well. i would be suspicious that he might be gay, but he likes all the stereotypical boy stuff, and hates girls, unless they're me and mom. and grandma. he likes mandy but he won't admit it. you know, twin thing. 

i think he liked her more before joolz came along, but that's joolz for you. a snooty wet blanket.

that was seriously a funny combination of words.

why am i rambling on and on and on and on and on and on? 

ay ya ya ya ya ya

anyway. i think i'm gonna go. i have thinking to do, and it's best done with ice cream. cheers.


7 lovers & haters:

Cady Lola Cep said...

you crack me up.

I do that "in your face" thing a lot myself.

chloe33 said...

Nice post! really funny

there seems to be alot of drama going on. my summer's REALLY dull and boring compared to yours. lol

Rose Valentine said...


Wandering Child said...

LOL. Have fun at your reunion. I'm having one myself this week. In addition, thanks for adding my blog and The Orange Line to your blog list!

K♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N said...

Thanks for the comment!!

Lol You have a really funny post there!!! By the way I am sure your room looked awesome!!! What color is it now? thanks for the comment again!!

Take care


Skippy said...

That is the most randomist post I've read.

Miley Cyrus role model...yeah right.

pookieface=] said...

aww, that is sweet! sometimes bro's are ok... i guess.
dude if i call somebody a bitch, either my mom finds out and grounds me or someone slaps me. argh.