Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Been busy being a fifth wheel and prepping for school and all that jazz.

you know.

thanks for the comments.


methinks that jake & kira went all the way, but neither of them will cop to it. they went from being cute, holding hands and arms around each other, to massive PDA. it's gross, not to mention annoying, mostly because it happened all of a sudden. cambria has this thing about chastity (she even wears a purity ring) so you wouldn't know that she and her boyfriend are dating if you didn't actually KNOW. (he has one of those rings, too. i don't have much faith in that.)

my pink was fading, so yesterday i went and got it touched up. and i had my ends dyed this light blue color. i look awesome. and it didn't cost that much because i had coupons. (the people were trying to tell me i could only use one coupon at once, but i told them that since it wasn't explicitly stated as such on the coupons, they couldn't possibly expect me to save a coupon for next time. i mean, it would be expired by the time next time rolled around.)

dad made us go to cambria's church today (i can't remember a word the pastor said, but i do remember that people looked at me oddly and my mom was embarrassed, although she didn't say anything), which basically sucked . . . so boring. i don't know how c does it EVERY WEEK, for the love of God . . . or fear of punishment, whatever.

afterwards, cambria and her boyfriend (whose name is, weirdly enough, christian) and jake and kira and i went to the mall. we mostly stayed in the food court and didn't shop . . . although we did go in the gamestop and spencer's and the barnes & noble because it's always REALLY cold in there for some reason . . . and i found this book about that true love waits thing and i was reading it a little while the other four did . . . whatever. j & k probably made out in the stacks while c & c went to the kids section and cambria read dr. seuss . . . i guess. i don't know.

so anyway, the book. i can't remember the name or who wrote it. but it wasn't ALL bad. you know, it didn't say "if you have premarital sex you'll go to hell" . . . just that it's God's plan to wait until you get married . . . and that you also don't have to worry about getting pregnant or an STD. which i agree with. the pregnancy and the STD thing. i don't think i'll ever get married. and i don't really want to get married. but i don't want to die a virgin, either. i just . . . i don't know.

watching j & k's constant PDA kind of kills my own desire to make out with him, because if i did, all i would think about is kira and how i probably have her germs in my mouth now. although i suspect that jake is a really good kisser. he looks like he would be. (i can't help it . . . watching them make out is both repulsive and hypnotizing.)

oh well.

the new fall out boy mixtape is really good. it's on and if you like them you should download it if you haven't already.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

i've loved everything about you that hurts

soooooooooooo i met kira today.

actually i kind of spent the day with her. and with jake, of course. you know.

arms around each other. KOTCs (and otherwise). smiling. laughing.

that was them.

i was the third wheel.

oh, they were nice, don't get me wrong. jake's not exactly ditching me because he's got a girlfriend. but it's kind of hard to just be normal when he's wrapped around this random girl he met on vacation.

not that kira's a bitch.

she's actually just about the nicest person i ever met.

and it's so ANNOYING.

no wonder jake likes her.

compliment after compliment. ms. uppity. helpful.

and you can tell it's not an act. she really is that way. it's almost like she would give someone a hug if they walked up and smacked her upside the head.

well, maybe not exactly, but still.

so we were going to the movies and saw cambria and -- guess what -- HER new boyfriend. (she didn't go away on vacation, she met this guy right here) well, i was already feeling kind of sick (maybe because of all the visual sugar i'd ingested today, who knows), so i begged off. i completely forgot that i'd been riding around in jake's car all day, and he let me drive it home and said he and kira would ride back with cambria & her guy (i can't remember his name for the life of me). and then cambria hugged me (of course) and then jake hugged me (maybe a little too long, but only because it was in front of his girlfriend, never mind that i'm his best friend) and then kira hugged me and said she hoped i felt better soon.

um. okay.

i drove jake's car to his house and then walked home. i wish i could see his reaction when he sees that. he'll be shocked. he might even think i decided to crash on his couch or something. (actually, i'm more interested in kira's reaction. i hope they don't drop her off before they do jake.)

so yeah.

i kind of wish i was still on vacation. it wasn't all bad, as much as i complained, and it was easier to talk to jake (and think about him) without kira, even though i knew she was around. sort of.

i mean, now he has this OTHER GIRL, and it's just ......... well, it's weird. you know how it is. or i assume you do. and if you don't, you will, eventually.

and NOW what am i going to do? jake & cambria & i always hang out together. we're like the three musketeers. or some other equally bad metaphor. my point is, we're inseparable. and now there's this ........ PARASITE hanging on. i wonder if kira goes to my school. i've certainly never seen her before. maybe she goes to our rival. under normal circumstances, jake shouldn't want anything to do with her, but he sees everyone as equal, all the same, so he wouldn't care that she faithfully attends the heart of evil. maybe she's a really, really, REALLY good liar. or something.

although i don't know if she actually GOES there or not. yet.

and what if she does? what if she transfers to mine? what if jake transfers THERE? i'd have to kill somebody.



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

no lying quiz..... mother

No Lying Quiz

No Lying Quiz
Lasts:10 min

1. Last beverage: sprite
2. Last phone call: jake
3. Last text message: erik
4. Last cd played: fm static's second album
5. Last BUBBLE bath: 20 years ago? haha. i have no idea.
6. Last hug: today.
7.Have you ever Dated someone twice: well, of course i've been on dates with the same person twice. haha. but the breakup/makeup thing isn't for me.
8. Have you ever been cheated on: maybe.
9. Last vacation: this one, which is over tomorrow, YAYYY!
10.Have you ever fallen in love: mmmm. nah.
11.Have you ever lost someone special: yeah. =[
12.Have you ever Been depressed: yeah. not really bad or anything, though.
13. Have you ever been drunk and threw up: hahaha. not yet. XD
14.List 5 people you can tell anything to: jake, cambria, jake, cambria, this blog (sort of)
15.List your favorite colors: black/blue/bright green/bright pink

Have you:
1. Laughed: who me??? neverrrrrrr. hahahaha
2. Met someone who changed your life? kinda sorta.
3. Found out who your true friends are? more or less.
4. Wanted to lower the drinking age? like i care. people will drink if they want to, doesn't matter what age they are.
5. Gay, Straight, or Bi? straight. (that's right, lz, and i still hate you. lol.)
6. Who is the best hugger that you know? mmmm. jake & cambria. haha.
7. Do you believe in Love at first sight? i believe in crush at first sight. mwahaha.
8. Is there something you want to tell someone? plenty.
9. Brand of shirt you are wearing? old navy
10. How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? all of them. duh.
11. How many kids do you want to have? right now, none. lol.
12. Do you have any pets? kitty & doggy
13. Do you wanna change your name? Nah. although when i was younger i wanted to switch names with cambria. hahaha.
14. What did you do for your last birthday? nothing. jake & cambria wished me a happy birthday.
15. What time did you wake up today? almost 9
16.What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping
17.Last time you saw your mother? this morning
18. What are you listening to right now? silence
19. Have you ever donated money to a good cause? yeah.
20. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back? who hasn't?
21. What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone? ahhhh i can't remember. i think this is cambria's belt i'm wearing, though.
22. Who's getting on your nerves right now? the typos i keep making
23.Most visited webpage? i don't know .......
24. Coke or Pepsi? coke.
25. Have you kissed or been kissed by anyone in the past month? nope. =/

pink hair makes you invincible

Well, the family reunion was over yesterday (glory freakin' HALLELUJAH!) and we're spending one last day with joolz & co. before going home.

and i get to see jake.


and erik's coming over later. he's making it look like a surprise, or something, but i know because he texted me about it.

i seriously can't wait to go home. i miss jake, and cambria. and . . . idk. blah.

okay so . . . the family reunion.

i totally died and went to hell. i swear. if there is a hell, that was it.

mkay, so everyone came and brought their kids, right? and i swear, there were about fifty screaming little kids running around. and one would fall, and cry, and then two others would be pummeling each other, and then others would be arguing about hannah montana, and then someone said she was going to marry a jonas brother, and another girl told her she was stupid because nobody was hotter than zac efron.

seriously. these kids are all like under eight.

which is proof of what a totally screwed up world this is.

then someone got the bright idea to put them in an air-conditioned room with a bunch of tvs in it. so there was a group sitting watching hannah montana, another some anime flick . . . you get the idea. but that was on the second day.

so then everyone from 9-17 ish was kind of forced to hang out, while the adults got drunk. (kidding. although a few did get sloshed.)

carley and i were the only ones with pink hair. which was awesome, but seriously. this is supposed to be a TOLERANT age, not INTOLERANT. Pink hair is nothing new. i mean, GOD. GROW UP. GET A LIFE.

some moron even asked if we'd joined a cult.

whoops. I meant GROW A BRAIN.

so last night, jake called me and i was whining to him about everything that happened this week (which he oddly thought was funny, because he laughed the whole effing time) and i forget why i said this, but then I was like "MOTHERFUCKER!!" and mandy and mom heard me and gave me a lecture about my language. she said if this pink hair was going to affect me like this, then when we got home we would just have to go to a salon and get it dyed out. i told her it had nothing in hell to do with my hair (because it doesn't) and that this week had been murder in hell, and that i couldn't wait to go home.

she just looked at me.

"but i thought you were having fun this summer," was what she said. "you know, with carley and joulia........"

gee, mom. stoned much?

kidding. but seriously. JOULIA??????? what has she been smoking? EVERYONE knows that joolz and i don't get along. and here she's thinking we're best friends or something?

or, excuse me,


see, joolz and mandy already used acronyms in real-life speak sometimes, but now they do it practically every other word.

these are what conversations sound like around here:

"where's the milk?"
"omg idk"
"like, itdk so, like, maybe open the fridge? lol!"

it REALLY pisses me off.

sooo yeah. thanks to all my loverly commenters. i'll try to post more often, now that i'm going home tomorrow!!



Sunday, August 3, 2008

any thoughts of you and me have(n't) gone away

listening to avril lavigne.

welllllllllllllllllllll tomorrow's the big family reunion. how convenient that day one is a monday. such marvelous, abundant joy. i can hardly contain myself. i think i'm high from the endorphins. i might die from happiness.

yeah yeah.

anyway, i'm (kinda) happy for real. becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

erik broke up with joolz.



no, that wasn't a lie. he really did.

we've been texting and all that jazz. and he's nicer than i originally thought. (either that or he knows how to be nice when he wants to. i'm not entirely naive.)

and i found his myspace. god he is so hot.

like, beyond belief hot.

i already knew that, of course. but he photographs reallllllllllllllllllllllllly well. he should be a model.


mkay so i'm not exactly over jake. and it's not like i can stop seeing him or something. he lives the next street over from me, we go to the same high school, and he probably doesn't want to stop being my friend.

you know. because i'm cute, i have pink hair and good taste in music.

i wonder just how close kira lives.

and i wonder why i'm turning into an obsessive stalker. it's not like me. i've never done this sort of thing before.

but then, i never had a crush on jake before.

god this is so unfair! why now? i mean, we've been friends since we were kids. this is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

you do realize that this thing with erik is never gonna work out, if only because i still think of him as an ass in the back of my head, and because of the long distance thing. it's stupid. 

i need to get a boyfriend right where i live, if i get one at all. (which is lame of me. it sounds like i'm talking about  buying a purse or something)

but at least i have the satisfaction that joolz is bummed about the breakup. she's pretending she doesn't care, but i don't think she got the red eyes and smeared eye makeup from watching PG-13 romantic comedies with mandy. (it's so funny to see mom try to handle this. like i said before, she never ever ever yells. and she doesn't exactly think PG-13s are appropriate for an eight-year-old. you know. haha. somehow she still thinks miley cyrus  is the ideal role model. whatever.) so that's kind of comforting.

and that i can sort of rub it in jake's face. (yes, i like rubbing things in people's faces.) hey, you think you had a good summer? i had a BETTER summer. my boyfriend is hotter than your girlfriend, bitch.

i can call people bitches and get away with it. i'm not sure why.


this is so unfair.

haha. i saw a mosquito on my arm and i totally flipped out. it just startled me.

well, um, i guess i could feel sorry for myself, or i could go to bed. 

or something like that.

i need sleep for tomorrow.

oo, funny thing happened today. i forgot what i said, but it was whiny and it was about jake, and robby asked me if i was in love with jake. (not in his usual taunting annoying eight year old way, but like he was really curious.) i denied it vehemently. he then asked me if i liked "that weird erik guy that's joolz's boyfriend" and i told him that e & j broke up, and that i might, potentially, like erik. but not like that. then robby gave me this weird look, like he was eating lemons, and told me not to get a boyfriend, because he needs me to be on call to play video games all the time.

it really was a sweet moment, and pretty uncharacteristic for an eight year old BOY. isn't he supposed to hate me and mandy supposed to like me? oh well. i would be suspicious that he might be gay, but he likes all the stereotypical boy stuff, and hates girls, unless they're me and mom. and grandma. he likes mandy but he won't admit it. you know, twin thing. 

i think he liked her more before joolz came along, but that's joolz for you. a snooty wet blanket.

that was seriously a funny combination of words.

why am i rambling on and on and on and on and on and on? 

ay ya ya ya ya ya

anyway. i think i'm gonna go. i have thinking to do, and it's best done with ice cream. cheers.


Friday, August 1, 2008

but you know, if jake likes her, she's probably okay.



you'll never guess what our parents did now.

they made joolz and me go shopping together! all day!

apparently we haven't "bonded" enough so our punishment was spending the day together.

we did sort of get around it because they left us by ourselves in a big mall, and we met up occasionally so when our moms called that we could easily say we're together.

the lucky thing was, they let us borrow their credit cards. i was tempted to steal joolz's (and i could have easily done it) and cut it up and throw it away buuuuuuuuuut i didn't. and i really regret it.


anyway. i did buy some stuff, mostly accessories at claire's. and i used my own money because i feel weird about using mom's card. she gets . . . um . . . patronizing. she never ever ever ever yells. she just lectures politely. i'd almost rather she yell.

so yeah. i'm writing this on my phone in the bathroom at this restaurant we're all at. i really want a hamburger. from wendy's. but i ordered chicken parmigiana because they don't have hamburgers here.

stupid fancyish restaurant.

of course, carley and i are getting weird looks from people because we have pink in our hair. would they be giving avril lavigne weird looks? no. they would be asking her for her autograph.

oh well. only two more days here. and then we're all off to the big, glorious, wonderful, dreamlike family reunion. OH, SUCH JOY. I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF.

anyway........ jake called me today. at the mall. this is pretty much how it went:

me: hola.

jake: hey roxy.

me: eeeeeee! hey!

jake: (laughs) hey yourself. what are you up to.

me: oh, shopping.

jake: for me?

me: oh yeah. i've bought $200 worth of stuff and every cent of it's been for you. NOT.

although i did buy him this smashing pumpkins cd he wanted.

jake: how thoughtful.

me: hell yes. what are you doing?

jake: just got back. i was out with some friends.

me: oh really?

jake: yeah. it was cool.

me: (silently seething) sounds like it.

jake: remember kira? i told you about her?

me: yeah.

jake: she lives near us. i know, crazy, right?

me: (laughs audibly, growls silently) oh really?

jake: yeah. i can't wait for you to meet her.

translation: meet my new girlfriend. kira (squeezes), this is my friend roxy. (notice the omission of the word "best" from "best friend" on PURPOSE)

me: yeah, i can't wait. so are you two . . . you know, together.

jake: yeah. (laughs) it's been a cool summer.

so that's kind of a paraphrase, but it's still basically the same thing. we talked for a little while after that, but what i wrote up there is the important part.


I hope someone pushes her in front of a bus.

well, not really. but kinda.

well, either way, this is an excuse to go after erik. because he's seriously sexy. and i don't say that word about 99% of people. i hope he breaks up with joolz soon. soon soon soon soon soon. so maybe she'll stop acting so goddamn superior for just ONE second. it's unlikely, but hey, anything is possible.

i really like that song "then i woke up" by clique girlz. the ultimate bubblegum pop. the lyrics are lame and so is the video, but i like that song for some reason.

it's certainly a lot better than diana degarmo's version.

well, carley came in to check on me so i'm going to go now. toodles.