Saturday, July 19, 2008

wake up alone

well stuff changes.

Like, duh, Roxy. that's why it's a minute later than it was a minute ago.

I was all excited to see Joolz (who now insists on being called Joulia).........but apparently she's not too excited to see me. she really seems to like my kid sister, though.

which is totally unfair. doesn't she remember all the time that she and I used to spend together?

Carley & Ryan sort of took me under their wing (Joolz's younger bro & sis) while Trent (the latest addition to the family, who is a few years younger than my brother) is with my brother. Oh yeah. Joolz spends her time mostly with my sister. Yeah.

anyway. so we get there. and j makes it pretty damn clear that she's not happy I'm here. aunt kay was going to put me up in her room but she made such a deal out of it that carley volunteered to let me stay with her. which was really sweet. and i've been having fun with her and ryan. but this whole joolz thing is kind of a letdown. our parents are totally oblivious and keep trying to make us do stuff together. well you know what? if she doesn't want to, i'm certainly not going to try.

mandy (my sister) is practically in love with joolz. and it's so annoying! this is what she says whenever j isn't in the same room:


she actually says "omg", too. which drives me completely insane. aunt kay seems happy with this strange turn of events, because I overheard her say that j always hated babysitting. despite the fact that mandy is my sister and I do love her, I don't actually LIKE her very much. i like robby (my brother) better. he actually SORT of likes me. mandy makes it clear that I'm a worthless slab of crud because i don't give a damn about hannah montana and high school musical.

i hope disney burns in hell.

i'm kind of complaining. but i can't help myself.

well, today me and carley and ryan took trent and robby to the local aquarium and walked around looking at all the fish and stuff. it was cool. and it was the most fun i've had since i've been here. then we went to game stop and a toy store and had a lightsaber battle. it kept getting knocked out of my hands by an overzealous eight year old and six year old, but hey, at least it was fun.

in the meantime, dad and uncle el went golfing or something and mom and aunt kay and joolz and mandy went to a salon. then we all went out to dinner at some hotel restaurant. (the food sucked and was SO OVERPRICED!) i had to go to the bathroom before we were seated and when i got back there was one empty chair in between joolz and robby. which was half okay, because robby and i drew fierce alien battles on the backs of the paper placemats.

sometimes i really love my kid brother. and he really is pretty okay, despite everything. i guess he likes me because i'm willing to play video games and stuff with him. he likes halo and guitar hero. and all the hours playing with robby made me pretty damn good. robby totally sucks at halo, but he's really good at guitar hero. it's almost shocking. they have a wii (ours malfunctioned and so we're going to get a new one) so carley, ryan, trent, robby and i have been playing stuff on that a lot. i really am not sure what joolz and mandy are doing. but they seem to be getting snobbier by the second. and i really hate it when joolz's boyfriend comes around, because he is SO HOT and such an arrogant asshole. seriously. he is like one of the hottest guys i've ever seen.

i would ask what he's doing with joolz, but it's not like she's ugly or anything. she's really, really gorgeous. and apparently just like him. so i guess it's a match made in heaven. or maybe it's the other, hotter place.

i wish i had a boyfriend. and i wish he was here. and i wish i didn't feel so sad about joolz. because ryan and carley are some of the sweetest people alive. so.

wow!! i can't believe i wrote so much. go me!



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Anonymous said...

You have a really awsome blog-Your blog is filled with deep thought and just enough teenage angst to make it perfect-Your Journal entries keep me reading and wanting more from it!! Keep writing-please, for my would love to hear more! Thanks for the comment by the way hahaha PS: I like how you said your Occupation:Bitchin' haha that was awsome and funny.


Rose Valentine said...

I love your blog!!!

pookieface=] said...

oh jeeze, u sound like me.