Monday, July 28, 2008

marrying ashlee simpson is probably the worst career move pete wentz ever made

you know i'm right.

because the pete wentz fangirls make up a hell of a large part of fall out boy's fans, and now they're all pissed that he married ms. plastic.

it makes me laugh when i see people say things like, "omg i hope that baby has her old nose"


dude. to me, she looked better with the old nose. but whatever.

and she still never admitted to having it redone.

if it had been me, and i wouldn't have wanted to cop to having a nose job for mere vanity, i would have concocted a story that somebody punched me in the face and broke my nose, or that maybe i fell down a flight of stairs and had to have some repairs done.

then at least people would feel sorry for me and stuff.

but that's just me.

carley and i were watching live in phoenix last night (she has that dvd and i am so fucking jealous) and all of what i just said occurred to me. well, at least they look happy and all that jazz. (although looks are deceiving and all that jazz, too.) carley was kind of upset about the wentzlee marriage, but it didn't really bug me. it was pretty funny watching everyone cry about it. (i'm a hurley fan, personally.)

all of us are back at our place for now. after that we're going to visit my mom's sister's family and then we're going back to our normal lives. GLORY, HALLELUJAH! the sooner i get away from joolz, the happier i'll be.

last night i had a nightmare that uncle el got a job transfer to our town, and joolz and carley and ryan went to my school and JOOLZ STOLE J AWAY FROM ME!!!!! well, not that he's MINE, technically, but you know what i mean. he's my best friend and all. and he broke up with his girlfriend and started dating her and it was so terrible.....everywhere i went, there they were, making out. finally i just sat down and cried, and all i could see with my eyes closed was them making out.

i told carley and she laughed sooooooo hard it was unbelievable. IT WAS NOT FUNNY. she said it was unlikely that the whole joolz & j thing would ever happen, not because uncle el is unlikely to get a job transfer here, but because joolz would probably go for the most popular jock on campus. (his name's greg. he used to be my partner in bio. i had a vague (and i mean vague) crush on him because he has amazing eyes, but he never made me tongue-tied or anything. and he's kind of a bitch. which is gay, because i know his girlfriend, and she is pretty much the sweetest person alive.)

so, anyway......i think i'm going to post more often, because i like this thing more than i thought i would. and thanks everyone who's commented. yes. my hair is awesome. HA.


4 lovers & haters:

Krosemarie said...

Ha! I agree with you on Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson!!! -Krosemarie

K♥R♥I♥S♥T♥I♥N said...

Thanks for the comment:-)

you know there was even a rumor that Ashlee Tripped over her dog and broke her nose and thats why she had to get a nose job. Haha Being a Teenie Bopper has its advantages :-)

Seriously though I don't get why people really even care about this ashlee nose job and ashlee and pete thing. Yeah I love fall out boy and yeah I love pete but in alot of girls minds they think that they will be together with pete and that ash took away everything. I mean c'mon if every Wentz fan got their wish to be with him don't you think he would be the biggest Playa in the world?
I think he would probably be on a Bilboard:

"Come to pete wentz's play house 20 miles from LAX on right side of Target" :-)

and I am sure he would have another one in chicago

pookieface=] said...

I KNOW! im totally mad that he married her too! hes too hot for that. Ugh.

Rose Valentine said...

I have to admit, I think Wentzlee is cute! I look at pics of them in magazines and all and they look really happy together. Besides, everyone thought that Jessica was the prettiest one and thought she would get married first and she got all the attention. However,I'm not really a fan of Ashlee.