Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it really bugs me

mkkkkkkkkkk soooo the parents packed us up to go see some fambam (as kendra says) two nights ago and i have had no internet access until now.......... at a hotel. it's guh-reat.

anyhoo. we saw my dad's grambam (who you think would be senile by now, being like ninety) and his mom (HOW DOES HIS MOM PUT UP WITH HER???) ....... who somehow manage to live without any outside communication (the damn phone barely worked) ..... and now tomorrow we're going to see fun people, like my dad's brother's fambam, which means i get to see joolz & co., my cuzzins. i totally love them.

My IM isn't working properly so i've had to resort to using the electronic version of snail mail. i sent J a longggggggggggg whine and he responded with sympathy and a whine of his own. i think he's getting a girlfriend there. oh well.

I'm going to go. so tired and the gruesome twosome are bitching at me for blocking the view of the tv. WHY CAN'T THEY MOVE??? and of course mom will take their side, because they're eight years old. THEY ARE NOT INNOCENT, MOM.

night all.

roxymotion (is pissed)

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