Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the best damn thing

ahhh last night carley and i did something ridiculously fun.

we snuck out to her friend's house and her friend's older sister gave us pink streaks.

it looks awesome. especially because i had half-blond half-black hair to begin with (blond on top, black underneath). now i have a bunch of neon pink streaks all over. carley's got brown hair, and her bangs (she has that sideswept bang thing) are pink and the lowest layer of her hair is pink.

yup. we look AMAZING.

everyone gasped in SHOCK when we came down. robby and trent didn't like it because it was pink, then asked if they could do it to their hair. ryan said we looked great, joolz turned her nose up at us, mandy told us we looked terrible, and our moms started to give us a lecture before our dads stopped them and they just shook their heads. they said we'd regret it.

but we don't. we loveeeeeeee it. hahaha.

so joolz's boyfriend came by today. he's been coming by most days lately. he said i looked really good with pink in my hair. i said i knew that. he laughed.

he looks really goddamn sexy when he laughs.

i think i might have a crush on him.

i'd be sorry, joolz, but you know, i'm kind of not.

plus, you totally deserve it, bitch.

not like i would ever make a move on him or anything.

but he's been being nice to me lately. carley says he probably kind of likes me.

i doubt it.

well, kinda.

i'm not ugly or anything. you know.

and i have more of a personality than joolz.

great. now who's the bitch?

i'm gonna go. we're all driving south today. i'm riding with ryan and carley. thankfully, joolz and mandy will be in the other car.

and i don't have to see joolz's boyfriend for a couple of weeks now.

this is gonna be fun.



4 lovers & haters:

Rose Valentine said...

Your blog is very interesting to read.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on that thanks for the comment :-D


pookieface=] said...

HEY! that sounds like amazing hair!!! i have blue streaks. im totally doing my hair different though... when i get around to it...
omg, i had the same situation a while back. but i hope everything works out for you.... maybe joolz and bf could break up and then you wont have to feel guilty if you 'axadentaly' make a move...!

Krosemarie said...

I love that idea for your hair!!! thats sounds really cool and fun!! I love your blog, and I hope its okay with you that I put your blog on a list of my favorite blogs....-Krosemarie