Thursday, July 31, 2008


He's coming back in a week! IN A WEEK IN A WEEK IN A WEEK IN A WEEK!


oh yeah. by "he" i mean j. whose real name is jake. but anyway. 


okayyyy. i guess i missed him more than i thought.

which is cool.

unfortunately, i won't be home in a week, i'll be two states away at the family reunion. which lasts a week in this family. really.

i hate family reunions. they're so miserable. and yet the whole clan keeps coming, year after year, sometimes with unrelated people, just to make each other miserable? WHY, I ASK YOU? WHY?

gah i'm so bored. somebody who has msn IM me. it's

that's another good thing about jake coming back. he'll be able to be online all the time so i can im him whenever i want. 

i asked him if he's dating that girl he keeps talking about in his emails, and i have yet to hear a reply. 


so yeah. why are all my contacts offline? i know it's summer, but come on. i am so so so so so so bored. i think i'm going to watch friends on here. that's the great thing about the internet.

so feel free to bug me (CAMBRIA I MEAN IT!! haha. love youuuuuu.) . . . or whatever.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i fought the law

we're at the beach. i'm putting this up from my phone.

i hate the beach.

ryan doesn't either, so right now we're in this little greek restaurant waiting for our gyros to come (is that how they're spelled? i first said "euros" but that's money, not food). actually, right now he's in the bathroom, so yeah.

it's fun, being away from the rest of the family for once. jk. haha. we tried to talk carley into coming, but she wanted to get a tan. so we just left the beach and walked downtown (not very far) because this whole town is a beach, really. haha.

no little kids screaming and throwing sand (robby, trent, mandy & everyone else's young progeny) and annoying moms and dads out racing each other on jetskiis (although i personally love jetskiiing or HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT --- probably not with 3 i's) and joolz taking pictures of herself in her string bikini for you-know-who.

I LAUGHED SO HARD. because of course, no one knows about erik & me. (busted) i told everyone i was remembering something from a tv show. which was a lie, but whatever.

ooo yay the gyros are here!! good lord, where the hell is ryan? oh, never mind. he's on his phone in the corner. see ya.


Monday, July 28, 2008

can't get it out of my mind






well kinda. i mean, it's not really my fault.

k. apparently joolz's boyfriend (erik) got ahold of my phone, or maybe carley's or ryan's, or my parents's ....... anyway, THE POINT IS, erik got my number and he's texting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my godddddddd. if joolz finds out...... or anyone else for that matter.....

i went to catholic church when i was little..... what are some of those prayers they say? hail marys or whatever?

i don't know. like a dead religious icon can help me.

anywho. it was totally innocent, i swear. we have this swingset in our backyard, and i was sitting on a swing doing nothing when my phone rang on the ground and i jumped and fell off the swing. i mean, my ringtone is "girlfriend" by avril lavigne and it's STARTLING when it suddenly bursts out of nowhere at top volume


ANYWAY. so i flip it open. random number i've never seen before. text. so i open it (carefully, like it might explode --- how stupid am i? i mean, cringing as i open it doesn't mean it's going to eat my phone less, or something) and it's like, hey what's up?

me: uh yeah. who is this?

them: erik. joolz's friend.

Note the key use of the word "FRIEND". Back at Joolz's place he said he was her BOYFRIEND.


me: oh. YOU. how'd you get my number?

erik: around. why?

me: because i want to know. it's my phone you're using up texts on.

I have unlimited texting. But he doesn't have to know that.

erik: oh. i can stop if you want.

me: it's okay. i just wondered where you came from.

erik: lol. well now you know. so what's up?

HE STILL DIDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION. And why in the world did I say "it's okay"? IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT "OKAY". I can just see what will happen if someone finds out. And what about J?

Okay, so yeah, I might, POTENTIALLY, harbor a small crush on my best friend. okay. I LOVE HIM. I mean, he's always there for me and all. plus he's reallyyyyyyyyyyyy cute.

me: nothing much. you?

erik: same. bored. got a myspace?

me: as far as you know.

erik: can i have it?

me: as far as you know.

erik: ok, fine. i can see you're busy. i'll ttyl.

me: sure. hasta la vista.

erik: yeah. you look really pretty with pink in your hair, by the way. bye.

me: yeah. i know, bitch.

Yes. I called him a bitch.

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you know what REALLY sucks? i just checked my sent stuff on my phone and i just found out he sent a picture of ME to his phone!!!!!!!! so he did get it off my phone after all!!!!!!


i'm so torn between feeling giddy and fearing for my life. and thinking about j. i really wish he'd at least get online or something so i can talk to him. i mean, i need him to give me some advice, aside from my whole insane crush thing.

he'd probably just ask me what i was asking him for. "uh, rox. you can take care of yourself better than ten people can take care of you."

which is true. but still. THAT DOESN'T MAKE THIS ANY EASIER!

my phone is never leaving my sight again. i'll glue it to my hand if i have to. goodnight people.

as far as you know.

roxymotion(is pissed)♥♣

marrying ashlee simpson is probably the worst career move pete wentz ever made

you know i'm right.

because the pete wentz fangirls make up a hell of a large part of fall out boy's fans, and now they're all pissed that he married ms. plastic.

it makes me laugh when i see people say things like, "omg i hope that baby has her old nose"


dude. to me, she looked better with the old nose. but whatever.

and she still never admitted to having it redone.

if it had been me, and i wouldn't have wanted to cop to having a nose job for mere vanity, i would have concocted a story that somebody punched me in the face and broke my nose, or that maybe i fell down a flight of stairs and had to have some repairs done.

then at least people would feel sorry for me and stuff.

but that's just me.

carley and i were watching live in phoenix last night (she has that dvd and i am so fucking jealous) and all of what i just said occurred to me. well, at least they look happy and all that jazz. (although looks are deceiving and all that jazz, too.) carley was kind of upset about the wentzlee marriage, but it didn't really bug me. it was pretty funny watching everyone cry about it. (i'm a hurley fan, personally.)

all of us are back at our place for now. after that we're going to visit my mom's sister's family and then we're going back to our normal lives. GLORY, HALLELUJAH! the sooner i get away from joolz, the happier i'll be.

last night i had a nightmare that uncle el got a job transfer to our town, and joolz and carley and ryan went to my school and JOOLZ STOLE J AWAY FROM ME!!!!! well, not that he's MINE, technically, but you know what i mean. he's my best friend and all. and he broke up with his girlfriend and started dating her and it was so terrible.....everywhere i went, there they were, making out. finally i just sat down and cried, and all i could see with my eyes closed was them making out.

i told carley and she laughed sooooooo hard it was unbelievable. IT WAS NOT FUNNY. she said it was unlikely that the whole joolz & j thing would ever happen, not because uncle el is unlikely to get a job transfer here, but because joolz would probably go for the most popular jock on campus. (his name's greg. he used to be my partner in bio. i had a vague (and i mean vague) crush on him because he has amazing eyes, but he never made me tongue-tied or anything. and he's kind of a bitch. which is gay, because i know his girlfriend, and she is pretty much the sweetest person alive.)

so, anyway......i think i'm going to post more often, because i like this thing more than i thought i would. and thanks everyone who's commented. yes. my hair is awesome. HA.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the best damn thing

ahhh last night carley and i did something ridiculously fun.

we snuck out to her friend's house and her friend's older sister gave us pink streaks.

it looks awesome. especially because i had half-blond half-black hair to begin with (blond on top, black underneath). now i have a bunch of neon pink streaks all over. carley's got brown hair, and her bangs (she has that sideswept bang thing) are pink and the lowest layer of her hair is pink.

yup. we look AMAZING.

everyone gasped in SHOCK when we came down. robby and trent didn't like it because it was pink, then asked if they could do it to their hair. ryan said we looked great, joolz turned her nose up at us, mandy told us we looked terrible, and our moms started to give us a lecture before our dads stopped them and they just shook their heads. they said we'd regret it.

but we don't. we loveeeeeeee it. hahaha.

so joolz's boyfriend came by today. he's been coming by most days lately. he said i looked really good with pink in my hair. i said i knew that. he laughed.

he looks really goddamn sexy when he laughs.

i think i might have a crush on him.

i'd be sorry, joolz, but you know, i'm kind of not.

plus, you totally deserve it, bitch.

not like i would ever make a move on him or anything.

but he's been being nice to me lately. carley says he probably kind of likes me.

i doubt it.

well, kinda.

i'm not ugly or anything. you know.

and i have more of a personality than joolz.

great. now who's the bitch?

i'm gonna go. we're all driving south today. i'm riding with ryan and carley. thankfully, joolz and mandy will be in the other car.

and i don't have to see joolz's boyfriend for a couple of weeks now.

this is gonna be fun.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

wake up alone

well stuff changes.

Like, duh, Roxy. that's why it's a minute later than it was a minute ago.

I was all excited to see Joolz (who now insists on being called Joulia).........but apparently she's not too excited to see me. she really seems to like my kid sister, though.

which is totally unfair. doesn't she remember all the time that she and I used to spend together?

Carley & Ryan sort of took me under their wing (Joolz's younger bro & sis) while Trent (the latest addition to the family, who is a few years younger than my brother) is with my brother. Oh yeah. Joolz spends her time mostly with my sister. Yeah.

anyway. so we get there. and j makes it pretty damn clear that she's not happy I'm here. aunt kay was going to put me up in her room but she made such a deal out of it that carley volunteered to let me stay with her. which was really sweet. and i've been having fun with her and ryan. but this whole joolz thing is kind of a letdown. our parents are totally oblivious and keep trying to make us do stuff together. well you know what? if she doesn't want to, i'm certainly not going to try.

mandy (my sister) is practically in love with joolz. and it's so annoying! this is what she says whenever j isn't in the same room:


she actually says "omg", too. which drives me completely insane. aunt kay seems happy with this strange turn of events, because I overheard her say that j always hated babysitting. despite the fact that mandy is my sister and I do love her, I don't actually LIKE her very much. i like robby (my brother) better. he actually SORT of likes me. mandy makes it clear that I'm a worthless slab of crud because i don't give a damn about hannah montana and high school musical.

i hope disney burns in hell.

i'm kind of complaining. but i can't help myself.

well, today me and carley and ryan took trent and robby to the local aquarium and walked around looking at all the fish and stuff. it was cool. and it was the most fun i've had since i've been here. then we went to game stop and a toy store and had a lightsaber battle. it kept getting knocked out of my hands by an overzealous eight year old and six year old, but hey, at least it was fun.

in the meantime, dad and uncle el went golfing or something and mom and aunt kay and joolz and mandy went to a salon. then we all went out to dinner at some hotel restaurant. (the food sucked and was SO OVERPRICED!) i had to go to the bathroom before we were seated and when i got back there was one empty chair in between joolz and robby. which was half okay, because robby and i drew fierce alien battles on the backs of the paper placemats.

sometimes i really love my kid brother. and he really is pretty okay, despite everything. i guess he likes me because i'm willing to play video games and stuff with him. he likes halo and guitar hero. and all the hours playing with robby made me pretty damn good. robby totally sucks at halo, but he's really good at guitar hero. it's almost shocking. they have a wii (ours malfunctioned and so we're going to get a new one) so carley, ryan, trent, robby and i have been playing stuff on that a lot. i really am not sure what joolz and mandy are doing. but they seem to be getting snobbier by the second. and i really hate it when joolz's boyfriend comes around, because he is SO HOT and such an arrogant asshole. seriously. he is like one of the hottest guys i've ever seen.

i would ask what he's doing with joolz, but it's not like she's ugly or anything. she's really, really gorgeous. and apparently just like him. so i guess it's a match made in heaven. or maybe it's the other, hotter place.

i wish i had a boyfriend. and i wish he was here. and i wish i didn't feel so sad about joolz. because ryan and carley are some of the sweetest people alive. so.

wow!! i can't believe i wrote so much. go me!



Thursday, July 17, 2008

sick and i'm tired of your face

about another hour to drive before we get to the fam's place. we're at starbucks (yay for the free internet) and the twins are banging around, as per usual.

i sort of hate them.

oh well.

i'd better go. i want to post tonight but i probably won't. whatever.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it really bugs me

mkkkkkkkkkk soooo the parents packed us up to go see some fambam (as kendra says) two nights ago and i have had no internet access until now.......... at a hotel. it's guh-reat.

anyhoo. we saw my dad's grambam (who you think would be senile by now, being like ninety) and his mom (HOW DOES HIS MOM PUT UP WITH HER???) ....... who somehow manage to live without any outside communication (the damn phone barely worked) ..... and now tomorrow we're going to see fun people, like my dad's brother's fambam, which means i get to see joolz & co., my cuzzins. i totally love them.

My IM isn't working properly so i've had to resort to using the electronic version of snail mail. i sent J a longggggggggggg whine and he responded with sympathy and a whine of his own. i think he's getting a girlfriend there. oh well.

I'm going to go. so tired and the gruesome twosome are bitching at me for blocking the view of the tv. WHY CAN'T THEY MOVE??? and of course mom will take their side, because they're eight years old. THEY ARE NOT INNOCENT, MOM.

night all.

roxymotion (is pissed)

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's not too lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

MKAYYYYYY WELLLLLLLLLL today was kinda boring and shitty and all that jazz (I love saying all that jazz)

I hate summer. I'd rather be back in skl with the friendlies doing something. rather than just hanging out by the pool.

i guess that's why i started this blog but what in the helllllllllll...............i guess maybe i'll stop when school starts....... or whatever.......... who knows.

I miss J.......i wish he'd get his ass back home like SOON................stupid family, dragging him away and leaving me to occupy myself.................dammit.............oh well...........i forget when he's coming back but it's not all that long......... in real time...... in roxy time it's like forever.



Sunday, July 13, 2008

The way I see it......

So I stumbled upon some blogs today.

It's sort of like all these people have their own little community thing going on. Like, they post a lot, and they all read each other's posts, and comment. Which is cool.

Some of them are story blogs, which is TFA, because I love stories, as I said. I would love to write them but I don't have the patience and all that jazz. Plus I suck at writing.....but whatever.

I saw this thing I thought was funny.......someone posted a blog (I believe this person is called Neon Duck----awesome name BTW) asking "why do you post your stories on blogs when they could be ripped off and stuff".......and then someone responded (I think named Cady Lola Cep? I'm too lazy to go back and check) that they're just bored and experimenting and desperate or something.


Well it makes sense, since you could easily be ripped off. But the stories I've read so far are pretty good. So yes...............

Cady Lola Cep, Cait, Kyla, Ellie, Susanne Claire.............

Kyla's and Susanne Claire's were the only ones I was patient enough to read all the way through because the other three post a hell of a lot. I mean, like EVERY DAY for the past few months. It would take hours. And it looks like CLC has like four stories going. You probably have a shitload of time on your hands. Haha.



Yes, yes.

Welcome to the inaugural post of Roxy Motion.

I am Roxy Motion.

This is


What is there to say, really?

I have a family. That I live with. We have a cat. It's a girl cat. We have a house in suburbia.

Standard stuff.

I don't look like anyone in the family, think like anyone in the family, or act like anyone in the family. So?

I'm not really sure what I am. Besides being a 16-year-old girl and all that jazz.

I don't really have a label or anything. They're too narrow.

But who needs labels, anyway?

I guess that's all. I'm tired now. I took a nap earlier and that gave me energy to sit up all night.